Apple Brings Mountain Lion Features To Safari With 5.2 Developer Pre-Release


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Apple has seeded a pre-release of Safari 5.2 to registered developers. Following the release of the OS X Mountain Lion developer preview this morning, a new beta of Safari has been made available with browser features from Apple’s upcoming desktop OS.

Namely, Safari 5.2 for OS X Lion introduces the unified, Google Chrome-like address/search bar. There are some other minor cosmetic changes that mirror the Safari version from the Mountain Lion developer preview.

Apple recently seeded Safari 5.1.4 to developers with bug fixes and minor improvements, and 5.2 is the next major update for existing users that will likely not be released until OS X Mountain Lion this summer.

Xcode 4.4 was also released today to help developers get their apps ready for Mountain Lion. You can see all of our Mountain Lion coverage from today in one place here.

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12 responses to “Apple Brings Mountain Lion Features To Safari With 5.2 Developer Pre-Release”

  1. font9a says:

    yeah, and sick tabs that seriously need a diet.

  2. Paul Lloyd Johnson says:

    Thanks for that! I kept looking at the tabs thinking something was different about them! Hmm… I actually quite like it.

    Love the unified bar. Took long enough!

  3. Emma says:

    im  not likeing the new safari design and most of the new features of moutain lion. it just seems like a better ipad with no touch scree and built-in keyboard

  4. sam.rodgers says:

    can we choose other search providers beyond google, bing and yahoo?

  5. Srose428 says:

    Yes Yes Yes, unified search bar is key.  The more like google chrome the better imo, less is more.

  6. Tallest_Skil says:

    I think, most of all, I enjoy Safari updates. I love seeing the improved speed over the other browsers and I love the new features it adds.

    Dunno, this might be a holdover from the YEARS that I waited with bated breath for a Safari update to take away the memory leak, but still.

  7. imajoebob says:

    Don’t use Chrome, Don’t use Safari 5 (I’m a PPC Luddite).  Does the combined search/address box allow me to type “cultofmac” and automatically take me to or does it do a search for the term?  If it’s the latter I’ll remain a browser Luddite for a long time.

  8. Jonathan Ober says:

    I am always typing a search into the main bar area, so thankful that is changing…cant wait!

  9. robgilgan says:

    I prefer to think of it as the Stainless search/address bar. Nothing against Chrome, but Stainless deserves some love, too.

  10. robgilgan says:

    But Emma, it’ll do wonders for your spelling….

  11. waynerod says:

    Not sure about Safari, but Currently in chrome, if you haven’t visited the site before, it does a search for it. However, if you often visit it, it’ll auto-complete for you.

    For example, if you start typing in “cult” it automatically fixes it to ““. You can then press enter to go to the site. Similarly for facebook, (coz I use it very often), I just type in “f” and it automatically fills in “

    Hope that helps  :D

  12. Omar Hagopian says:

    Yes, in preferences>general you are able to change the search providers

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