Watch Apple’s Official OS X Mountain Lion Sneak Peek Video Here



To explain OS X 10.8’s many incredible new features, Apple has released an official sneak peek at the features you’ll find in Mountain Lion. We’ve embedded it above. Watch it and tell us what you think in the comments!

  • Robert Hersey

    Ok , I’m sold .  I am dying for the Airplay Mirroring . 

  • Abed Halawi

    Truly! too much advancements!

  • Marty McGuire

    What about facebook sharing??? Twitter sucks.

  • Andrew Hime

    Can’t wait til they take away multitasking!

  • KeirThomas

    I can’t help feeling that this is what Lion should have been. Is this how Apple works nowadas—making some kind of stable release, with a ‘proper’ release following a little later? Leopard was panned then Snow Leopard came along and fixed-up everything, to the extent that some people are still using it instead of Lion. And now Lion’s faults are being repaired in Mountain Lion. The iCloud roll-out has been pretty poor, arriving late to Lion and integration being weak after this. If Microsoft had been so shoddy we’d all be laughing at them. 

    Is it happening with hardware too? The iPhone 4 was essentially a faulty design (antennagate), but that was repaired with the 4S. 

    Are Apple just too ambitious to the extent where they can’t do everything they want with the first iteration of something? 

  • Nathan James Austin

    Anyone else think Notification Center is gonna kill Growl?

  • danielrmitchell

    On the subject of sharing, did anyone else notice that Vimeo was mentioned but YouTube was not?  Is this another (Siri/Wolfram Alpha style) step away from Google?
    I just hope that the sharing capabilities baked into ML are something that can be added to via plugins.
    This way Facebook could be added, as could YouTube (why are Apple ignoring such huge user-base’s?).  

  • Carlos Vargas

    Have anybody notice in the notification part how she swipes? She swipes from the right of the trackpad, I mean there’s no trackpad there! Should that mean that Apple is making the trackpad as large as the keyboard?

  • danielrmitchell

    I expect the trackpad detects the motion of the swipe from the exact edge.  For other gestures people generally don’t use the very edge.

  • danielrmitchell

    TBH I am not a big fan of Growl anyway, so it doesn’t bother me much.  Additionally Notification Center will be more useful.

  • danielrmitchell

    In it’s current form I would say that the 4S is also a faulty design – batterygate anyone?

  • AlterThending

    Now I get to pay another 30 bucks less then a year later? Boo….

  • dss49

    some of the integration sounds awesome and I can’t help being excited for messaging… but when will Apple learn that people want more control over these apps. I’ve abandoned iCal simply because of how ugly it is. I’ve abandoned reminders for Wunderkit because I can control infinitely more. Apple needs to embrace the wonderful ecosystem of apps out there and stop using integration as an excuse for loading our laptops up with new bloatware. Give us a damn choice.

  • Seung-Ha You

    Why is the calendar in this ads always fixed on July 17th? 

  • joewaylo

    I’m surprised Apple broke their tradition. Don’t they normally keep it secret all the way up to WWDC?

  • joewaylo

    It could be a clue. Release date: July 17?

  • Bob Forsberg

    Intent to merge IOS & OSX, but too much clutter. AirPlay Mirroring is the add I will use. More attention should be placed on QuickTime…..its become almost useless with current media.

  • guest

    Did anyone else noticed that at 4:04 the airplay mirroring will allow for 1920×1200 and 1600×1000?

  • CharliK

    Where are you getting 30 bucks from? No price has been mentioned anywhere. 

  • CharliK

    Apple is very aware that SOME people want more control. But since that group is much smaller compared to the folks that don’t care, they are going for the larger group. 

    Oh and just because you don’t like an application doesn’t make it bloatware

  • CharliK

    It’s their decision when they release their stuff. Perhaps they don’t intend to have a media keynote at WWDC. Perhaps they want to give developers more time to have their apps ready for Mountain Lion instead of a repeat of Lion where only a handful of things were updated right away and even now many apps still haven’t been. 

  • dss49

    I understand it’s the logical market, just frustrated they continue to distance themselves from the community that is the most valuable to their progress…. and I consider it bloatware when it consumes space and can’t be removed from the computer: “can’t be modified or deleted because it’s required by Mac OS X”… don’t get me wrong, I’m a fanboy to the end and glad to finally see some much needed integration with my phone, but they need to offer choice.

  • venasque

     I disagree.  I HATE Facebook.  I consider it a necessary evil and truly wish something else would come along the masses would join. 

  • CharliK

    Apple’s goal, like all public companies, is to make money and boatloads of it. And that means getting more people buying their stuff. All of their stuff, not just the iToys etc. 

    So the ‘community that is most valuable to their progress’ is the one of folks that aren’t buying their stuff. Sorry that it hurts your feelings that you and those like you are no longer Apple’s key focus but you aren’t. Get over it and deal. Move on to Windows, Linux etc if you must but stop with the attitude that Apple needs to be listening to you or they are failing. Because that just isn’t true. Maybe it was 20 years ago but that was 20 years ago

  • Aaron Michael de Silva

    i just bought a MacBook Pro with Lion.. i hope this is free update for Lion (or at least an update to give some free features.