Why Android Phones Are So Huge Compared To iPhones



In last week’s Friday Night Fights, Cult of Android’s Vincent Messina and I argued about what was superior: the iPhone’s 3.5-inch display versus Android’s 4+ inch superphones. In my argument, I posited that one reason Android phones had such huge displays was because it allowed them to cram more battery into the device, but as it turns out, there’s a better reason: Android sucks at scaling UI elements.

Over on his blog, Jin Kim posits:

Android OEMs and Google responded to the 3.5-inch 960×640 Retina display by improving the pixel format to 1280×720. But because Android renders text and graphics like Windows or OS X, increasing resolution above 320 ppi means smaller UI elements. The display had to grow in size to compensate for shrinking UI elements.

In other words, Android phones got bigger because it was the only way Android can scale to compete spec wise with the Retina Display. Even then, Android phones usually have far less ppi than a Retina Display.

It’s an interesting point, and rather metaphorical for the difference between Apple and the rest of the industry as a whole. Apple’s whole purpose is to make technology clearer and more precise, while the competition just wants bigger.

On that note, Daring Fireball’s John Gruber suggests this alternative suggestion on why Android phones are so big: LTE.

Currently-available LTE chipsets are physically bigger (AnandTech made the case months ago that none of them would fit in the iPhone 4/4S case design), and because they’re so power-hungry, they require bigger batteries. Thicker phones aren’t going to fly. Thus: wider and taller phones with displays expanding to fill the surface.

Android: always disguising design compromises as a matter of “choice.”

  • Josue Rmz Dnz

    WHAT a bunch of bullshit, Scalingdown ANYTHING over in terms of interface is usually the easiest thing ever, SCALING things and still keeping the quality is the hard part

    this post is like saying Photoshop is better than Illustator because Raster images can scaled down there images and still maintain quality while vectors maintain the same quality no matter image size and still say Photoshop is better than Illustrator this is JUST A BULLSHIT article to get hits what a fag!

  • Rhys Patterson

    very angry person

  • CaveMan5464

    1.) You are a child. You clearly demonstrate your intelligence level by using slurs instead of facts and information.

    2.) You have zero idea how UIs work. You have zero idea about how the multitouch in either device functions.

    3.) Author was merely giving his biased opinion on an extremely biased website. He simply stated that (possibly) the main reason that the phones are so large is due to the fact that they put zero effort into designing a good product. Which is truth.

    Most companies throw phones at customers so fast, there is no chance of troubleshooting the designs or finding faults in their product. They don’t care. They don’t care enough to find a way to make the phone a reasonable size. If they cared, they would have various sized phones. Hence why you cannot comfortably use one hand to control the whole device. Google Nexus is the only droid worth 2 cents. And you need 3 hands to run the piece of junk.

  • Kevin Gault

    Keep your 3.5″ screen. At least I won’t have to hold my Google Nexus to my face or squint to watch a video or read the words on the phone. On that note, its a lot more comfortable in my hands. 

    I’ve sat it next to an iPhone 4S and have a number of iPhone users remark how good my phone looked. So you can try and color it any way you like but such things are a matter of personal choice and what a person likes to see from their phones.

    All this article seems to be is nothing more than fluff to fill a website.

  • James Jenkins

    Get em Josue!!!

    Android from iPhone convert here.

    Look at the damn picture there. They are not even side by side what a load of BULLSHIT is right!

    Misleading pic and half ass retort.

    I have an Amaze 4g with a 4.3 inch screen. I can take an iPhone and put it up to my device and over all mine is bigger yes. A smidge longer and smidge wider. My phone in no way dwarfs an iPhone. They are very close in size and thickness. The iPhone has so much buffer top and bottom of wasted space. I would like to see you take that picture again with them put together and take it from all angles. I get this is an Apple website, but this borderline fox news distortion field here. Where is fair and balanced?

    I like bigger screens. Just like at my house I have a 60″ not a 26″. To each their own, I guess, but I love my larger display. Oh, and yes it fits in my hipster jean pockets just fine and I can do the whole thumb can touch any part of screen when held in one hand so calm down everyone. Android gives a choice where Apple doesn’t. If you don’t like bigger display you don’t have to buy one. Droid Incredible and iPhone pretty much same dimensions.

  • vikassaraswat

    It’s not bullshit, it’s the biggest truth of android phones.

    They are so un practical for daily use and even keeping it on pocket.

    But above all it’s impossible to use them while driving. There is no home button so while driving you have to go on top or to the side to wake up the phone and them slide the stupid thing and then go through of bunch of pages of quick launch and look for that app and if weather is sunny you can’t even see the screen because of poor resolution.

    Mind you I tried to use 4 top android phones and threw those rocks on best buy reps face and akmost scream ” give my beloved I phone back ”
    And minutes I hold my iPhone, I was happy like a baby.
    At the end android phone might be big but they are no good for people who likes the best of best .
    Just think for a second why apple did not included 4G chip, because they no that there is no small chip in the market which can fit in iPhone and the battery will be a big issue.
    Android just sucks on battery.

  • VigTheGeek

    LTE is a terrible excuse because some of the gigantic Android phones predate LTE. However, Android phones did get humongous right around the time the iPhone 4 was released. Sounds to me like the screen resolution answer adds up.

  • Rmlgtp

    Seriously Brownlee, if there is no news, don’t post anything. Another 2 minutes of my life wasted. I should keep a tally. Notice that other legitimate apple and mac or tech sites in general can survive with only one or 2 articles a day because that is all that is needed to report legitimate news or information about the topics related to the website. If i go on 9to5mac, osxdaily, iDB, there’s only 1 or 2 articles so far today, because sometimes there just isn’t any apple news. Believe it or not there will be a few out of the 365 days in a year that nothing significant happens in the world of apple, and that’s okay. Let it be. Like a previous poster stated, this is just fluff to fill a website. When you alone have more posts in a day on a mac specific site than all of engadget has in a single day, that’s a problem. In all honesty, they should take away your ability to post on this, or any other site. I’m half wishing SOPA would get passed in hopes that somehow it censors anything written by John Brownlee.

  • Kevin Gault

    My Nexus looks just as good if not better than your iPhone even when help up close. As for scaling my icons are not big and clunky boxes taking up screen real estate either. So I can actually see my background picture of my lab. But then I have multiple windows to keep my home screen clear.

    So what’s your point?

  • James Jenkins

    Good to know you drive and use phones. You’re sure to Darwin yourself soon. I wear 12 year old girls jeans and my 4″+ screen fits just fine. maybe you need bigger pants little man.

  • ctt1wbw

    I’m sure Cult of Android is salivating over this article.  Go there.

  • lowtolerance

    Maybe you just have hands sized to match your pants.

  • lowtolerance

    This is the most incoherent rant I’ve read all day.

  • Ed_Kel

    I can understand your point. Sometimes the articles here are just plain junk; not newsworthy. In this case, John was elaborating on an intellectual debate from last week when in all actuality he made some very interesting points to add; points that I wasn’t aware of – so one can make the argument that this article was in fact, informative.
    Again, I can understand where you’re coming from, but save it for an article that really meets the criteria.

    And if all you’re looking for are news articles specifically regarding Apple, 1) get a life, and 2) find a different website because the good Lord knows that CoM covers considerably more that JUST Apple, Inc.

  • techgeek01

    Well I can tell you why. THE IPHONE IS FREAKING TOO SMALL!!!!

    I, along with tons of other people I know, a 3.5 inch display is way too freaking small.  My father who is 6 foot 5, looks at iPhones as if they were a baby toy.  The reason is, they are way too small for him to use. His thumb takes up (literally) quarter of the iPhone screen if not more.  There is no way possible he could use it, because it’s way to freaking small! (And he is not fat)  And that’s the #1 thing I hear with about anybody with a Android, windows phone.  3.5 inches is TOO FREAKING SMALL!!!!

    I had one friend who went with a HTC Titan.  Had an iPhone 4 before. He got the Titan because an iPhone display is way too freaking small.  And playing with the HTC for a couple of months, he said, the ONLY way apple can lure him back, if they made a phone with a similar display. (4.7 inches)

    I had a friend who was die-hard set on getting an iPhone 4S. That was the phone he wanted and nothing else.  Ended up getting?  Samsung Galaxy Nexus.  Why?  Screen size primary.  he played with the Galaxy Nexus and realized 3.5 inches is WAY to freaking small.

    And these are not the only stories. It goes on and on.

    In reality?  The only people who are satisfied (at least around me) with the 3.5 inch display are the die-hard apple fanbois and girls who would (literally) pick up an iPhone if it had a 1 inch display.  Literally, these are how die-hard they are.  That being said, I’m dead certain it’s an envious reason.   I know for a fact, if Apple makes a larger display iPhone they will jump the day Apple does to pick up one of them.  But they don’t want to admit that Apple is wrong.  I mean, literally mean, EVERYBODY i know would LOVE to have the option of a larger display. 

    I have yet to hear ANYBODY complaining about their large screen iPhone.  But I have heard countless of complaining about “how small my iPhone screen is”.  Matter of fact, the display size has been a huge reason why A lot of former iPhone users (i know) switched to a windows or android powered phone.

    What advantage does a 3.5 inch display phone have?  Pocket ability? I have yet to hear ANY complaints from any of my 4.5+ inch toting friends.  matter of fact, I have several who have a phone with a 4.7 inch display and they NEVER complain about it can’t fit in their pockets. matter of fact, they are surprised it fits so well in their pocket.  But then again if you are a hipster wearing freaking skinny jeans, you will have problems sticking anything in them! And I know plenty of women with these big honking android/windows phones.  none of them complain EVER about the size.


  • AppleKilledMobileFlash

    The geeky Droidtards say they want big, big, huge smartphones so they can see things better.  It gives them something big and solid to hold in their hands.  In a way, they can claim they’re getting more bang for the buck with a nice big smartphone for the same or less than an iPhone.  I don’t think the average consumer with decent eyesight is actually crying for larger and larger smartphones.  The Android smartphone vendors won’t know what the upper size limit for smartphones is.  They’ll just say that mine is bigger and that makes it better.  The Droidtards will eventually be bragging about holding a five- to six- inch display smartphone to their faces and saying that’s what they actually want.

  • Rmlgtp

    I find this a completely assanine reply. As stated, and commented on by another poster, I come to this site for Mac info, considering it is called cult of Mac. So why would I go to cult of android? Anyway, I’m in no way a cult member and have never found myself salivating over any technology. Thanks for your valid input though friend.

  • Rmlgtp

    Now, your comment started out reasonable and you even stated an understanding of where I’m coming from. As I do see your point that some valid information has been shared here, I suppose I may have been out of line to comment on this particular article expressing my general distaste for almost all brownlee articles. Where you lost me was telling me to get a life? Albeit unnecessary, it also seems irrelevant and unwarranted. I do, in fact, have a life, but I appreciate your concern. I happen to read many news outlets whether it be political, sports, world, technology, etc… but, recently I look into the latest news on apple considering it should not be long before an iPad 3 announcement and we are days away from an iPhone 4S/iPad 2 jailbreak and prefer to do so on sites that would mention said information.

  • ddevito

    Android phone are bigger because the people have spoken. when the 4″ phones came out people loved them, companies did research, they released 4.3″ phones, companies did more research, then released bigger phones.

    The people have spoken. Of course the iSheep hate big phones because Apple hasn’t released a larger one. Trust me, when they do, they will say Apple is genius for doing it.


  • Kevin Gault

    I did appreciate the humor in your original reply though. :) Looks aren’t everything, but ICS performs quite nicely as does my 4G speeds on Verizon. Bettery life isn’t as bad as I originally thought due to others statements about 4G devices battery life.

  • ddevito

    Easy solution – stop wearing skinny jeans.

  • ctt1wbw

    I find it reasonable.  If you people hate this site, go fucking somewhere else to post your Android drivle.

  • ddevito

    No one likes bigger screens, no. Sure, no one likes a 50″ HDTV over a 32″ TV. Nah.

    You iSheep are not only clueless and arrogant, but you’re also ignorant.

  • ddevito

    No ones likes bigger screens. Nope.

    Answer me this, why did Apple make 27″ iMacs? For the visually impaired?

  • Rmlgtp

    Are you sure you even mean to be commenting on my post? I mentioned nothing of android or hatred of apple. If it weren’t for the fact that, contrary to another commenters belief, I have a life, I would probably be considered a fanboy by most, considering I have an iPhone, iPad, Mac mini, and for fun a retro iMac g4. I particularly like this site, there’s just one writer I’m not particularly fond of. Settle down killer

  • DamienLavizzo

    What’s funny to me is that people can’t just accept a stance like myself (though the Woz seems to share it, at least) – Android has some good features. iOS has some good features. If someone wants to use an Android phone over iOS, god bless. That doesn’t make me a sheep, and it doesn’t mean they’re retarded. 

  • DamienLavizzo

    This is a tech blog, not a news outlet. Unless you’re paying for content, keep your worthless opinion to yourself. I actually feel like your comment was more of a waste of time than the article. 

  • Afrob0t

    I like the iPhone size, wouldn’t mind it a bit bigger but not at the sacrifice of resolution. I myself bought the Tmobile G-1 forever ago and was willing to change over to Android ever since. The thing that’s kept me from moving from my iPhone to a new Android? Over saturation. Seemingly there is a new Android phone coming out every week that the fear of inevitable buyers remorse has kept me from taking the plunge again. 

  • Lucky Stewie

    k. Will see what you say this summer when apple releases iPhone5 with 4-inch display…

  • koopapoopas

    The same reason why Apple didn’t make the 65″ iMac.

  • Reece

    I remember when the iPhone first came out everyone said it was way to freaking big, like a brick… What does this make the Samsung Galaxy, Nexus and HTC phones? That’s all I’m going to say..

  • CaveMan5464

    Worst part of that they are only getting bigger!! CES they were debuting GiantHugenormous phones. Who wants to hold that stupid giant thing next to their face. At the end of the day, my PHONE still has to be the size of a CELLPHONE. WHY DO THESE DOUCHES WANT Phablets? :)

  • Rmlgtp

    It’s a shame you feel the need to be so hostile because I actually agree with your other post about accepting that both operating systems have their pros and cons. Im not here to insult anyone or flex my cyber muscles like you feel the need to.

  • GregsTechBlog

    The real reason is marketing.
    If you can’t beat ’em, pretend having a huge screen with a lower resolution than the iPhone screen is somehow better, and market the hell out of it. 

  • techgeek01

    27 inch is like the largest all in one you can pick up on the market currently.  And for a while, Apple was the ONLY one in that market. 

  • techgeek01

    People scream “IT’S TOO BIG!!!” because they have not played with it.  Once they do, they realize they want it. (size wise)

  • cordell abney

    iphone is a small rinky dinky smart phone for dumb people!

  • Seth Chapman

    Basically, iPhone users are content with 3.5″ phones, for the most part. Android users want to hold a Kindle Fire-sized device up to their faces to make calls. It’s like the 1980s all over again!

  • Nathan Glass

    So you want a 50″ screen for your android mobile phone? How will you fit that into your pocket?

  • Nathan Glass

    Sure the iPhone’s screen could be a little bigger. I’m sure Apple will make it bigger and without having to create a much larger device.

  • Nathan Glass

    I know many “dump people” who have assdroid devices. They are so excited to have an “open source” device that they can play Scrabble on.

  • Skem


  • MaxTremors

    Matter of fact, you use the word ‘freaking’ way too freaking much.

  • kyle_gibson

    …..Or how bout a lot of consumers just prefer larger screens? That seems like a much simpler and reasonable explanation…

  • Robert X

    Ah, no…

  • Robert X

    You are comparing a mobile phone…to a desktop? Really?

  • Robert X

    That is a stupid analogy. A mobile phone is not a TV and it is not a desktop.

  • Robert X

    Go…find the research…post it back here. I won’t wait.

  • kyle_gibson

    Right. Of course not. How foolish of me to think I’m not the only one who loves friendlier, less cramped interfaces and larger picture for movies videos and games. Please excuse my ignorance.

  • Bob Forsberg

    Cult of Mac. If I wanted to read about Android in any way, shape or form, I wouldn’t be here.  Keep it Mac or what is will be what was.

  • Dale Spangler

    Did it ever occur to you that maybe the screen is bigger because that is what the consumer wants. If you think the resolution is an  issue for android than i would suggest making a more educated statment before you go claiming the iphones resolution is so great when the iphones screen is made by a manufacture that also makes android phones. unless your hands are tiny and manacured ( such as a females ) there really is no excuse for a tiny, cute little screen other than that it had to be higher resolution to make up for the lack in size!

  • Dale Spangler

    And the iphone has much more room for a larger battery since there isnt much hardware needed to run an OS that looks only like an app drawer on an android. If i was to strip the entire OS from an Android and just left the app drawer it would basically be an Iphone.

  • Deepak K Tibrewal

    Well, it has always been; size vs performance. In fact it seem to stem from male preoccupation with size ( pardon me ladies ).
    At the end of a busy day, a normal person would expect some juice left in his/her phone so that you reach home to a power socket, beside having checked few mails, read and replied to various texts and voice calls and music etc.
    Logically on the other hand, for intense audio visual activity – watching short video, gaming etc any smart phone screen is not good enough.
    So trying to have functionality of a tablet and a phone, you end of having a larger device essentially to be held in hand and operated in and out of pocket with avoidable operational discomfort.
    If you carefully examine, one hand operability, very good quality screen ( Retina display ) and simple to use functionality: does size of screen really matter?

  • kyle_gibson

    Its called a google tv thats running ICS. which i would love to have.

  • kyle_gibson

    Im a geeky droidtard. who bets his girlfriends hotter than yours!

  • Al

    Indeed Kyle, how could you possibly argue against the un-refutable and classic “ah, no” argument? That’s how OJ was found not guilty. “You murdered your wife, didn’t you, OJ?” said the prosecution. “ah, no” said OJ. “well in that case the prosecution drops its case.” And he walked free. True story.

  • Al

    “dump people”? Ah yes, I know the types. Big bushy beards, push around shopping carts, always drunk, live in cardboard boxes. Though I think they probably have Androids coz they are cheaper than iPhone contracts.

  • Al

    If the 27″ iMac was supposed to be held in one hand and operated with your thumb, there may be a point in the argument.

  • Al

    In your pocket?

  • Al

    To AppleKilledMobileFlash:


    Wow. If you’re gonna come up with some childish name calling please at least think of something that sounds better than that.

  • Al

    Android is better because it means you will have a hotter girlfriend?

    Is this really where we have sunk to?

  • Al

    Putting the “freaking” comments aside, I think you have a point. While I and many others like the current size, would it kill Apple to make two sizes? Both with the same pixel resolution so all apps are interchangeable, of course. One 3.5″ and a 4.25″.

    I feel the same way about the iPad. There should be both a 10″ and 12″ version.

  • Al

    I like that – Phablets. Good word!

  • kyle_gibson

    Is that why that oxygen theif Casey Anthony still walks free among is? Well, i didnt know! Someone! Please give this woman a key to the city!

  • kyle_gibson

    The point is most prefer larger screens these days. even regarding mobile. The purpose of cellphones/smartphones has evolved from giving you what you need when you need it, as quick as possible without requiring a rediculous amount of time on the device. Nowadays people are lookong for more reasons to be hooked to the device and spend as much time entertained by it as possible. Therefore the “mobility” factor isnt nearly as influencial anymore. People dont mind larger deviceswith larger screens. in fact a lot of people {the average consumer. not us} would like a larger screen.

     Now, obviously apple fanboys wont want a larger screen untill apple comes up with one, and android fanboys wont want anything lower than 4.3inches as long as androids superphones continue to be relatively huge.

  • techgeek01

    Screen. Size. Matters.  But you won’t really realize that until you have used a larger screened phone.

    Matter of fact: one hand operability, very good quality screen and simple to use functionality describes one of my friends phone.  An HTC titan that has a 4.7 inch display.  He stated, he didn’t realize how important a big screen was until he got it.  At first he was thinking that the phone was too big, but now loves it.  The other day he played with an iPhone and the thing he said was, he did’t realize how small the display is on the iPhone. It’s like a child’s toy!

    At first I was like, “yeah 4.3 inches is too big for a display. 4.7 inches is way too big.  and 5 inches? who would want something that big?”

    I have played with 4.3 inch displays.  They aren’t too big.  I played with a 4.7 inch phone. Nope, not too big.  Played with a 5 inch display (Samsung Galaxy Player 5.0).  I simply walked away, amazed how well that device (mp3 player) could be held in one hand and how easily it was to use one handed.

    Simply put, playing with an iPhone now, the display is way too small.  And the people I know with 4.3 inch + displays, they come to the same census. 3.5 inches is way too small. but you don’t realize that until you actually have played with a larger phone for a while. 

  • kyle_gibson

    My point is something that large isnt a phone anymore. Therefore not intended to fit my pocket. Now before everyone tells me “exactly, thats the point its a phone!” go see my comment responding to ddevitos first post.

  • Robb Nunya

    We All know the REAL reason….

    Steve Jobs had small hands. :D

  • Robb Nunya

    Except that it’s all screen real estate. If you want eye strain looking at that tiny little thing, help yourself. I’ll stick with a nice big manly piece of hardware over that girl-phone you’re clutching. Do you have the matching purse? (If you’re a girl, then good for you. You’ve chosen a fine phone to accessorize with.)

  • Robb Nunya

    Oh hells yeah! I can’t wait for the foldable display 50″ Nexus Whupass! (That’s my guess as to it’s name. It might actually be the Nexus kickababy instead though… 50/50 chance)

    In all seriousness, I have the Epic Touch, with the 4.5 inch screen, and it’s so slim I forget I have it in my pocket. I’ve had Oh-crap moments where I start checking my pockets to make sure it’s still in there.

  • Robb Nunya

    Android phones are bigger for one reason: The sales figures for the Evo. 

  • Robb Nunya

    Android android android. (That’s the equivalent of “I’m not touching you!”)

    Keep your opinions to yourself, if you want others to do the same, bub. If you don’t like it, don’t be here.

  • Robb Nunya

    As an Android aficionado,  I’d like to say that you aren’t the reason Android users blast Apple users. The fanboi’s who have the poster of SteveJ up on their ceilings are. And I’m sure that goes both ways.

  • Robb Nunya

    They gonna merge it with a bag of holding?

  • Robb Nunya

    Yes. Size matters very much. If you have to ask if size matters, then you’re playing with equipment that’s far too small.

  • Robb Nunya

    As someone who shares you name, please go flog yourself and put on a hair shirt. 

  • Robb Nunya

    And I’ll bet you justify small size to your wife/girlfriend/boyfriend as well, don’t you? Are you 13? 12? 

  • Robb Nunya

    Funny, since Best Buy doesn’t have many working phones. Most of theirs are mockups. I call BS. You’re too scared to actually touch an Android phone, aren’t you? Admit it: It’s size intimidates you.

    And when you were happy like a baby, did you suck your thumb? I’m sure you did.

  • Robb Nunya

    According to sales figures, a lot of people. And those that don’t can get smaller phones. You see? That’s the beauty of actually having a CHOICE! Amazing concept, I know. But there you have it scooter! Choice!

    Why do you care what someone else wants? Go enjoy your cute little girlphone and stop hatin, bro. You’re a caveman like Elton John is a heterosexual.

  • Jovaughn Serieux

    Alright two things 1. your not supposed to use your phone while driving 2.How would you know about how it fits in you pocket if you’ve never had one? I wear jeans gym shorts and cargos and I constantly forgot my phone in my pocket. Im also guessing you have one of those giant cases to protect your fragile phone that breaks from one drop? Hows that on you pocket?

  • NoxCivis

    How very isolationist…

  • Jovaughn Serieux

    Alright let me get this out their. If you do not OWN a devices with 4+ in screen size you can not say anything about pocket ablity and how to hold it in one had. So until you get out there and use it in the real world and not the store GTFO!!!

  • ZeeKazim

    couldn’t agree more!

  • TheSapient

    The reality is that the size of the iPhone was determined in an environment when feature phones dominated, the the fashion was to make them as small as possible.  As people have come to understand the potential for smart phones, design parameters have changed.  Today people want screens that are as large as possible while remaining pockatable and usable with one hand.  While this is going to vary from person to person, it has become evident that the sweet spot is between 4″ and 4.5″.  

    It is absurd for people to argue that an iPhone is a perfect size, but a phone that is 10% longer and wider is comically large and impossible to carry around.  While I am sure there is someone out there who’s pockets are exactly the shape of an iPhone, I know that I have never encountered them.  

    We saw with the hopeful hype of prior to the last iPhone release that there is a great desire for a larger iPhone screen.  It will happen eventually.  I wonder how sites like this one will make the transition.  Will the users here refuse to purchase an iPhone which has become uselessly big?  Or will their views on the only correct size for a phone suddenly change?

  • Brandon Cordrey

    I agree with the biased part. Try putting those phones side by side and doing a top down picture instead of using perspective tricks.

    I have a Samsung Galaxy SII. I also have an IPhone 4S and an Ipod Touch 4G. All three fit just fine in my hand and I can use them all one-handed with no problem. As far as resolution, yes my GSII has a lower resolution than my Iphone, but my son’s Evo 3D, which when set by my Iphone is damn near perfect in dimensions, has the same resolution. Only we call it qHD, the industry term, instead of “retina” to hype it up.

    Also, Does my Iphone have 4G? No. Does it have a dual-core processor? No.

    My SGII has both of them, and my battery on my SGII last about 20 hours between charges, where my Iphone lasts about 13, and my SGII is the phone I use the most, the Iphone is just for work.

    And UI scaling issues in Android? Not since 1.6, and we’re to 4.0.3 now. Android uses DIP, which scales just fine, until you go between phones and tablets, and IOS has the same issue there.

    Arguing over screen size is retarded. Try pointing out some actual tech specs side by side. I guarantee my SGII is in all rights a technically superior phone to my iphone 4s. The only innovation Apple has had that Android hasn’t is Siri. Oh, but wait. They’ll be releasing Majel soon. So I guess they have, and with better os integration by all reports.

    And before you rant against me, remember this:

    I am an IT professional. I deal with Windows, OSX, Linux, Android, WinMo, and IOS on a daily basis. I don’t hate any particular brand or name, but to see someone try to bash a product based on screen size without talking at all about the technical aspects of each phone is ridiculous.

  • billsweatt

    Was this rant really necessary?

  • Pawel Lity

    Who wrote this crap? Does he use narcotics or alcohol every day? Thesis is silly, especially in comparision to short life of iPhone battery.

  • fafs dafsf

    i read only a few sentences. this is enough. i dont know, does he use narcotics and so on, but im sure, that he doesnt use brain.

  • Korey_Nicholson

    Stop trying to make Android out to be the bad guy when you should be writing, why is the iPhone so much smaller than Androids?

  • Chris

    Writers like John Brownlee are why most Android users think most iPhone users are idiots

  • Maciej Benke


  • Pawel Lity

    Maybe it’s better to add one fundamental sentence to this discussion: note to the author – SIZE DOES MATTER ;-))

  • flamencoguy

    If you have small hands buy a small phone. If you have large hands buy a bigger phone. Not every one has same size hands and eye sight.  I am sure your pants are not the same size as mine.
    But why is Apple saying (and suing) that other phones are copies. They are bigger, thinner, lighter and less expensive. Apple has already gouged $100B from its customers. Apple fanboys buy on the Apple brand name only. Others look thoroughly through specs and price before buying. They are not blinded by the Halo of Steve Jobs.
    It sounds a little like size envy here. Apple fan boys always think they have the best in every respect. Sorry to informed you that you have been duped, over charged to satisfy your egos and low self esteem. Being like everyone else does not make you cool. Owning a cool product does not make you cool. Going against conventional wisdom is daring and adventurous.
    We do not want or need a monoculture. Plurality is nature’s way. Every species has multiple varities.
    But Apple is trying to kill Android. Just look at the lawsuits in Germany, Australia, Netherlands.
    They are suing Samsung, Motorola, HTC, Kodak. You name it. They even sued a small Spanish maker of Android tablets.  There is a major war going on. Pick your side. Evil Empire monoculture or plurality !!

  • DamienLavizzo

    I’m not sure what one has to do with the other, but taking the time out to say that the content provider “wasted your time” with what was obviously a popular, conversation starting post seems pretty “hostile” to me.

  • flamencoguy

    This is Cult of Mac after all. Obviously biased towards Apple products.

  • WhiteZero

     So you’ve never used an Android phone then? Because ALL OF THEM have Home buttons.

  • Jason Walker

    Gotta love the Apple fanboy.  Retina is nothing special.  Just a typical IPS display with high pixel density.  Too bad the screen is so small that your thumbprint can cover 5 buttons at once.  Most Apple fanboys are too stupid to know the difference though, which is exactly the reason Apple markets it as the “retina” display, because they prey on stupid people that think Apple is amazing and they invented it all on their own.  You can sugarcoat that however you like, but it’s the truth.    On the other side, it is getting a little ridiculous how Android devices keep getting bigger and bigger, it has to stop at some point.  But, there are too many smug Apple fanboys with their heads planted firmly in their rectums enjoying the view to have any kind of sensible conversation on the matter.