Ranting, Pot-Smoking Lunatic Goes On Nude Rampage At SoHo Apple Store [Humor]



Despite being decked out with new Macs, iOS devices, and accessories, customers visiting Apple’s SoHo store in New York City yesterday had better things to look at than the gadgetry. During a Q&A with White Collar star Matt Bomer, one crazy lady who had quite clearly been riding the magic jaybone decided it was a good time to rip off her shirt and begin screaming gibberish.

Mr. Bomer had dropped into the store for a Q&A with fans who ended up seeing a little more than they bargained for. Halfway through the questions, what Gizmodo appropriately describes as “a ranting, pot-smoking lunatic” stormed the stage to show off her best bits.

Lori, a blogger who was at the store, recounts the experience on Tumblr:

Went to go see Matt Bomer at the Soho Apple store – he’s promoting the second part of the third season of White Collar, premiering tomorrow.

Cristen and I sat in the back on the side.  This older blonde woman with a drawn on mustache sat next to Cristen, and she REEKED of marijuana.

Midway through the thing, she TAKES OFF HER TOP, stands on a chair, completely topless, and starts screaming about how she is the naked paparazzo and how we should all go visit her website and see her drag queen friends perform blahblahblah.

Cristen was hiding in my lap because this lady was right next to her, and Matt Bomer had this insanely giddy grin on his face and is squealing THIS IS THE BEST THING TO HAVE EVER HAPPENED IN MY CAREER!!!!!!!!

He also proceeded to bring it up at every chance he possibly could throughout the rest of the night.


We’re not sure what happened next, but we can only assume the lady was escorted out of the store so that customers could continue their Q&A with Mr. Bomer. Well, sorry, Matt, but I know what I’d prefer to see at my local Apple store.

If you want to see an uncensored picture of the lunatic in question, Lori’s blog has a picture, but anyone looking for titilation should look elsewhere; these are just tits.

[via Gizmodo]