This Little Dongle Measures Your Heart Rate, Oxygen Level And Respiration [CES 2012]



LAS VEGAS, NEVADA – We figured health and fitness was going to have a large footprint at CES this year, and so far we haven’t been disappointed. Case in point, the Zensorium Tinke dongle: it measures heart rate, respiratory rate and the amount of oxygen in your bloodstream — all just by pressing your thumb on it.

The Tinke (I don’t usually groan when I encounter odd product names, but this one is begging for it) uses a LED light shining on your thumb to measure these values, a similar method the Scosche myTREK uses to measure heart rate.

The measurement takes about a minute to complete, and the app spits out a number, on a scale of 1-100, to represent an overall health score. History is saved and can be viewed easily from within the accompanying app. After that, the measurements can be shared via the usual suspects or through the system’s social network.

Neither the app nor the device itself are available yet, but Zensorium says we should expect the system toward the end of the year, and that it’ll be priced at about $100.

  • Sophie

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  • Steve LeVine

    Unless I’m wrong, the dongle only reads the information. The app/iPhone actually measures it since the dongle doesn’t perform the calculations. Yeah, a little picky.

  • larry english

    you have to hold your finger on it for 45 seconds while not moving
    not good for bike or any kind of exercise really