Display Recorder Lets You Record Your Jailbroken Device’s Screen On iOS 5


Screen Shot 2012-01-03 at 8.46.29 PM

Did you know that you can easily record your jailbroken iOS device’s screen with an app called Display Recorder? Thanks to a recent update that introduced iOS 5 compatibility, jailbreakers running the latest version of Apple’s mobile OS can record screen activity and share it with the world.

Display Record is a fantastic Cydia app that has been around for years. Version 1.2.5 introduces the ability to record your screen on iOS 5, save the movie file, and share it with YouTube or your desktop computer.

If you’re unfamiliar with Display Recorder, it’s basically a screencasting tool for iOS devices. If you’ve jailbroken iOS 5 and have access to Cydia, you can buy Display Recorder for $4.99. The app offers robust options and customization for recording the managing your screen activity.

Display Recorder saves high-quality video from both portrait and landscape orientations in h.264/MJPG/AVI codecs. There’s a web interface that can be used to offload your recordings to your desktop computer when on the same home network and control your iOS device’s screen remotely. There’s also onboard YouTube integration for getting a video online quickly.

Activator integration lets you trigger Display Recorder from anywhere in iOS. The default trigger is a simultaneous tap and hold of the Home and Power buttons.

You can get Display Recorder for iOS 5 in Cydia today.