Replace The Glossy Text Bubbles In iChat With Something Less Aqua-ey



I’ve never particularly cared for iChat. It’s less full-featured than free alternatives like Adium, and since it can’t easily be skinned, if you hate all the bubbles and aqua in the UI, there’s not a lot you can do about it. Luckily, over at OS X Daily, they’ve put together a fantastic and simple way to replace the iChat Aqua Text Bubbles with a flatter, less idiosyncratic matte version. Check it out: this is really the way iChat should look by default.

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3 responses to “Replace The Glossy Text Bubbles In iChat With Something Less Aqua-ey”

  1. oakdesk23 says:

    View -> Messages -> Show as Boxes

    Oh, look at that. No downloads, no video tour, no point in Brownlee’s posts.

  2. ehutchins says:

    Because who wouldn’t want something that looks so 1996. How ’bout coming up with a fix for that Lenovo as pop up that can’t be dismissed when visiting your site with an iPad. Let’s give that a try, ok?

  3. Dahlijo says:

    Like many times before

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