What Is The Best Jailbreak Tweak Or App Of 2011? [Poll]



It’s been a great year for jailbreaking, and with an iOS 5 untethered jailbreak on the horizon for 2012, the next year is looking even better. So why not help Cult of Mac out and tell us what your favorite jailbreak app or tweak of 2011 was?

Not only will your choices go into a “Best of 2011” jailbreaking feature next week, but you’ll help us reward all of the brave hackers who had the nerve to truly “think different” in 2011 by hacking into their iPhones and breaking Apple’s walled garden wide open, just for the fun of it.

If your favorite jailbreak app or tweak isn’t in this list, feel free to add it. Also, if you’d like to tell us in the comments why you voted for a particular app or tweak, we’d love to hear from you.

  • BouchardAnthony

    Don’t quite see why people are still saying SBSettings is good. It’s not that good, especially with IntelliScreenX to compete against in iOS 5.

  • John Lehmkuhl

    So now we promote jailbreaking like it’s a good thing?

  • da2tha3

    Since when was it otherwise?

  • José A. Gómez Coria

    Before IntelliscreenX, SBSetting was the most important tweak to have on your jailbroken devices.

  • da2tha3

    Sure, before IntelliScreenX. Now ISX is out, though, that’s surely the winner here?

  • Peter Mesyk

    Wow, there’s all this crazy stuff I can do with my phone without jailbreaking! Funny how Apple is so restrictive huh

  • Peter Mesyk

    Because Apple. It’s their ecosystem, you are supposed to follow their rules!

  • da2tha3

    I’m sure Steve wanted it that way, but unless the contract of the sale states that the device is still owned by Apple and simply rented to the user, it is indeed ours to do as we please with. Jailbreaking is legal, adds functionality, and is (mostly) harmless. Shame that Apple can’t be more flexible, but without their rigidity, their devices wouldn’t be what they are, I suppose.

  • Peter Mesyk

    By “devices” you mean “one device of each kind” right? And no, I don’t think you really own the device if you’re tethered to a two-year contract. I know some people buy their stuff outright, but I doubt there are very many iPhone 4S owners who own their device… the cheapest of which is $199 with the bondage and the worst specs :D

  • da2tha3

    What happens after that 2 year period is up for you guys in the US? Here in the UK we get to keep the phone. That said, I suppose that the majority of folk want to upgrade to the latest model by that point.

  • Peter Mesyk

    In two years the device is pretty much worthless compared to modern technology. Apple has this habit of forcing their users to get the latest phone to have the latest toys — even removing Siri for the iPhone 4 users, right?

    And yes, by the time you fork over another $650-850 to upgrade your phone to the latest model, it will become yours… but that’s a steep price for freedom!

    I bought a little tiny Android thing for $50 that works off backbone Sprint here in the states, for $25/month. Now that, sir, is freedom. It’s no ultimate machine but those are available for about $300USD where I live. No-contract. Bondage-free. If I could point to another less restrictive OS I would.

  • iHum4n

    What about the semitether, or does that not count?

  • ramunasbl

    I prefer not to jailbreak my devices. Firstly, I found all the apps I need in the app store. Secondly, if to look to various iOS related forums, majority of the problems are from Jailbreaked device users. So why to break a good device. 

  • HenryMcNinja

    The title implies that it was going to be tweaks that came out in 2011… So I chose DreamBoard.

  • Luke Christodoulou

    I’ve never felt the need for sbsettings. Aside from a few quick toggles for boatloads of stuff I never used it.
    Data deposit is a cool app. Anyone who has lost their game save after a restore or something can understand how important it is to have your progress backed up. I played infinity blade from the beginning far too many times. Twice is far too many.

  • John Lehmkuhl

    had cheap Android and am thankful to be free from a machine that is laggy, choppy graphics, would delay up to 30 seconds before placing a call. Serious delays in application switching. I know things have progressed nicely for Android, but the user experience I have with the iPhone is far better than even the best Androids on the market….

  • freedotz

    Never had a problem with my jailbroken device, and I jb my 3gs the day it came out. In fact, on more than one occasion cydia has patched security holes in iOS before apple did. Then again, I don’t use my jailbreak to install pirated apps or go overboard with tweaks that are still in beta like so many jailbreakers unfortunately do.

  • freedotz

    The gap between the current iOS and jb devices has certainly narrowed, but the new notification center and the ability to tether your internet connection were invented by jailbreakers years ago. Apple has really lagged on innovation lately, and they owe a lot of their recent advances to the JB community. Many, if not most of the security patches they have released were based off of exploits found by jailbreakers. I see the JB community as a necessity for Apple moving forward, because they certainly aren’t encouraging any competition with all of the lawsuits they have been filing. That being said, I do think apple has a point for how they run things, they wait for features to be perfected before releasing them.

  • freedotz

    Well the JB community did release tethered internet, the notifiction center, true multi-tasking, just to name a few, years before apple got around to it. And many if not all security exploits patched by apple were discovered by Jailbreakers. Better to have apple fans discover these flaws than malicious hackers. Apple hasn’t released anything original for iOS in ages, because simply put, they don’t need to — they are soaring off of hype, and sooner or later that will change.

  • freedotz

    Can’t stop laughing at this comment. Apple may have their rules at Apple, but when I pay $500 for a computer, it becomes my computer, not Apples. If I want to run commands through terminal, or search through my root directory, or throw the damn thing off a cliff, that is my choice and freedom, not Apples. I’m guessing that you never have had the curiosity to take your gadgets apart to see how they work. Personally I found it much easier to replace my broken phone screen with $10 worth of parts, rather than fork over another $100 to Apple to fix my outdated phone after my worthless apple care plan expired — seeing as how that was against their rules too.

  • freedotz

    They didnt remove siri from the iphone 4. Siri is still in beta, and I find it only works on my 4s 3/4 the time I try to use it. I have seen it work on the iphone 4, and it runs even slower. The 4 simply doesnt have the processing power. The joy of jailbreaking is that you can unlock the sim, change carriers, and still get the $25/month plan, with the $300 phone, which you can then turn around and sell and use the money to buy an iphone. Maybe the phone costs a bit more, but I have yet to see an android perform like my iphone, and my iphone has no malware, unlike the pos android my job has stuck me with.