Is Tim Cook Right? Is Innovation Dead In Mac App Development? [Poll]



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One of the more intriguing and, in our minds, controversial comments Tim Cook made during his interview at Goldman Sach’s conference:

“The innovation has moved away from PC development to the tablets and smartphones. Who is making PC apps now? No one, except the usual suspects.”

That’s a bold thing to say. When Cook refers to “PC development” the context of this question makes it clear the’s also referring to Mac development. That’s a strange comment to make when one of the legs on Apple’s stool of businesses is the Mac App Store, which is a lucrative business in its own right for Apple.

But is Tim Cook right? Have Mac and PC developers stopped innovating? Are all the innovators working on iPhone and iPad apps now? Take part in our poll, then please feel free to give us your thoughts in the comments.

Google Leads The Pack In Favorability Poll Ahead Of Apple, Facebook And Twitter



Ah, the wondrous findings of random polls. This one appears to favor my personal favorite company and therefore I won’t argue against it. The rest of you are free to sound off in the comments after reading the favorable findings of this ABC News/Washington Post poll. A random national sample of 1,007 adults were asked whether or not they had a favorable or unfavorable impression of the following four tech companies: Google, Apple, Facebook, and Twitter.

Has iOS 5.1 Improved Your iPhone 4S Battery Life? [Poll]



During its iPad event last week, Apple released its latest iOS 5.1 firmware. In addition to several new features, like Japanese support for Siri and a new camera slider for the home screen, the update promises to “address bugs affecting battery life.” But does it work?

iPhone 4S users have been suffering from poor battery life most on Apple’s latest handset, so if you’re an iPhone 4S owner, tell us how iOS 5.1 has affected your battery life by casting your vote in our poll.

How Excited Are You About Today’s iPad Event? [Poll & Open Thread]



Well, eager readers, we’re just a couple short hours away from Apple’s iPad 3 event at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco, and while nothing’s ever certain up until the moment Phil Schiller announces it, we’ve got a pretty good idea of what’s coming.

The question is: do you care? Are you excited about a new iPad 3, or a new Apple TV, or even a budget iPad 2? Or is your old iPad still working just fine, or do you think this is a bunch of hype all together?

Let us know in our poll, then join us in the comments to tell us what you think Apple will announce and what you’re most excited about. We’ve got to kill time before the announcement somehow!

What Was The Most Revolutionary Thing Apple Announced At Today’s Education Event? [Poll]



For a “small, demure event,” Apple announced a shocking amount of new stuff at today’s Education Event: a new version of iBooks with e-textbook support, iTunes U’s new virtual classroom app, iBook Author (which should revolutionize home publishing) and even several incredible, interactive textbooks. We’re wondering, though, of all this stuff, which of today’s announcements do you find most revolutionary, most exciting?

Tick off your answer in the poll above, then join us in the comments, where we’ll be discussing what Apple’s announcements mean for the future of iOS and the e-book industry.

What Was Apple’s Best Product Of 2011? [Poll]



It’s been a huge year for Apple. They’ve released a dizzying array of new products and services this year: two new operating systems, two new iPhones, major updates to their entire computer line, a revolutionary new voice control system, a new I/O interface that looks likely to steal the crown from USB 3.0, and even a greeting card app. All of this while dealing with the death of Steve Jobs, the design of a new, futuristic spaceship HQ, and a brand new CEO.

By any measure, it was an amazing year. Still, if you had to pick just one, what do you think was Apple’s best new product this year? Vote in our poll below, and next week we’ll declare the best Apple products of the year as voted by you, the readers.

What Is The Best Jailbreak Tweak Or App Of 2011? [Poll]



It’s been a great year for jailbreaking, and with an iOS 5 untethered jailbreak on the horizon for 2012, the next year is looking even better. So why not help Cult of Mac out and tell us what your favorite jailbreak app or tweak of 2011 was?

Not only will your choices go into a “Best of 2011” jailbreaking feature next week, but you’ll help us reward all of the brave hackers who had the nerve to truly “think different” in 2011 by hacking into their iPhones and breaking Apple’s walled garden wide open, just for the fun of it.

What Is The Best iOS App Of 2011? [Poll]



There’s over half a million apps on the App Store at this point, but that’s not to say that apps can’t still stand out from the crowd. Choosing the cream of the crop, though, can be a daunting and contentious task.

That’s why we need your help. A week from now, we’re going to announce our ten favorite iOS apps of 2011, then later in the month declare our vote for the best app of the year. Hence this poll; we need you to tell us which app you think qualifies as the best of the best.

What Do You Think Apple Will Unveil At Today’s iPhone Event? [Reader Poll]



We’ve got just under three and a half hours to go until Apple’s “Let’s Talk iPhone” event kicks off (which of course we’ll be covering live). In the mean time, here’s your chance to sound off: what do you expect to see Apple announce today? If you don’t see our answer on your poll, hit the comments and fill us in with your best predictions.

Is The Kindle Fire A Real Competitor To Apple’s iPad? [Reader Poll]



Yesterday, Amazon announced what is likely the first and only true alternative to the iPad in the Kindle Fire, a $199 Android-based tablet smartly tied into Android rich cloud ecosystem of games, apps, books and video on demand.

No matter how you slice it, the Kindle Fire is the first tablet to really understand that most of what makes a mobile device isn’t just hardware or an off-the-shelf operating system, but a library of easily-accessed contents. It’s not just the apps, it’s the movies, it’s the music, it’s the magazines, it’s the ebooks. And Amazon is going to provide these things for $300 less than Apple does.

So now that all the dust has settled, we want to know what you think: does Apple have anything to worry about from the Kindle Fire, or is this less a fire than a bunch of smoke?

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Let us know your answer in our poll after the jump, and feel free to expand upon them in the comments.

UK Facebook Users Love Their iPods More Than Their Wedding Rings or Pets



What’s more important to you? Your iPod… or your wedding ring? Your iPhone… or your dog? A new survey conducted by a company called Protect Your Bubble has found that, in the UK at least, most people would be less willing to give up their Apple products than any other possession.

By a significant margin, the iPod beat out other objects as Facebook respondents’ favorite things, with 12% of respondents reporting it as their most cherished possession. 11.5% valued their Blackberry over all other wares, while Apple’s iPhone crept in at 10%.

Comparatively, only 9% of respondents chose their laptop, another 9% dog, 5% their cat, 4% their car and a mere 1% their wedding ring. It appears that more people in the UK these days are married to Apple than they are to their spouse.