This Ingenious Speaker Is Hidden In An iPad Case



This Kickstarter project combines an iPad case with a speaker, hiding the speaker in the case’s front cover. Or rather, the speaker is the front cover.

Using trick NXT speaker technology — which allows speakers to take the shape of flat panels — Petur Olaffson created the Sound Cover, a battery-powered cover-slash-speaker that he says will triple the iPad’s sound volume and add bass.

Right now it’s still a Kickstarter project, but pledging at least $110 will snag you a Sound Cover; $165 will get you the Bluetooth version. Check out more cool images below (all provided by Petur).


  • Logan Jay Williams


  • Richardberry

    Well really very awesome and totally new for me. Thank you for sharing it to us.
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  • Philip Rodger

    is it just for iPad 2s??

  • Daniel Pederson

    Hilarious name. 
    Look up “Onan”Onan off!