Rare Video of Steve Jobs Narrating the History of Apple During His Younger Days



The Computer History Museum currently has a great exhibit of Steve Jobs on their website. Among the neat tibits on their site is a 20minute video gifted from marketing guru Regis McKenna that shows Steve Jobs explaining the history of Apple back in his younger years. The video was probably recorded sometime in the early 1980’s as Steve and his crew were secretly working on the Macintosh after Apple had been enjoying an enormous amount of success from the Apple II.

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It’s cool to see that Steve’s mannerisms and tone never really changed much over the years. In the video you’ll notice him making the same hand gestures that he frequently used during his keynotes as well as his trademark use of hyperbole to describe products and events.  If you’ve read the Steve Jobs biography by Walter Isaacson then the video doesn’t have many revealing details that you haven’t heard of before, but it’s great to see this video of Steve narrate the story of Apple’s path to existence.

Until we get an embedded copy to put in this article, the video can be found here:





[Computer History Museum via Gizmodo]