TweetDeck Releases HTML5-Based App In The Mac App Store


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Following the release of Twitter 4.0 for iPhone, TweetDeck has released a new, HTML5-based version of its Mac app in the Mac App Store. Unlike TweetDeck’s previous Adobe AIR apps, this new version is simply a web-based client.

The app is available to download for free in the Mac App Store. TweetDeck allows you to show your Facebook and Twitter activity side by side in the app’s column-based layout.

You can tell that the app is based on HTML5, which is a little disappointing for those of us that wish TweetDeck would introduce a native Mac app. Still, it’s better than AIR, right?

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12 responses to “TweetDeck Releases HTML5-Based App In The Mac App Store”

  1. miguelpinheiro says:

    At least it doesn’t crash my macbook like the adobe air version did, this one is much lighter on the system

  2. ppanah says:

    i wonder how much cpu/ram this web-app will hog , anyone experimented and compared to twitters official mac native app?

  3. ?? Alvin Ng says:

    Doesn’t seem to have the pop up notifications like the Adobe Air version..

  4. davidgoscinny says:

    It has Growl support though, better than nothing.

  5. octechnophile says:

    html5 > air > flash

  6. Greg Hard says:

    So far for me it uses less, on average, than the Twitter client. It’s also substantially lighter than the AIR version.

  7. Tutorial_Review_Moderator says:

    Growl is better than Adobe air notifications.

  8. Tutorial_Review_Moderator says:

    Love it.

  9. Hampus says:

    HTML5 Based? Honestly a bit surprised Apple would let that in to the App Store… Kinda figured they’d want proper apps in there.

  10. MichaelTheGeek says:

    Needs work.

  11. macgizmo says:

    I always hated this app when it was an AIR app. Now, it works much better but lacks most of the features that people liked about it to begin with. I suspect Twitter wants people to switch to the standard Twitter app and eventually kill this off. They bought the user base, not the app.

  12. Craig van Nieuwkerk says:

    Definitely a version 1 app. Has lost most of the small things that take a few versions to get right and made Tweetdeck nice to use. For example, doesn’t work well in one column mode.

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