Seagate GoFlex Slim: Sexy Fast Laptop Storage [Review]



Review by Jordan Trimas

The Seagate GoFlex Slim Performance Hard Drive ($100) is a compact, sleek, and fashionable storage accessory good for both Mac and PC users. If you’re looking for a sexy and functional piece of computer candy, the GoFlex Slim is the Prada of portable storage solutions.

The Good: 

If you have a Mac and want a compact, sleek, aerodynamic-looking storage device to complement your Apple’s good looks, the Seagate GoFlex Slim is definitely on the fashionable end of the fashion/function spectrum. The GoFlex will also give your non-Mac computer that touch of class it needs. Just like a supermodel, it’s thin as a pencil and has an attractive matte soft–touch anodized metallic finish.

The GoFlex Slim also employs their unique system of interchangeable interfaces that enable use of features like FireWire, eSATA, the Seagate HD TV media player or their Net Media Sharing Device. The combination of stock USB 3.0 and 7200 rpm make the GoFlex slim a fast storage option right out of the box.

Seagate includes backup software with the GoFlex Slim that can be used with Time Machine when reformatted to HFS. Seagate offers both a Mac-specific version and a NTFS/HFS driver compatible version as well.

The three-year warranty will help you sleep at night like a well-fed apple-loving baby.


The Bad: 

I’d definitely like to see a GoFlex Slim with a bit higher capacity.

The GoFlex Slim employs an unusual looking non-standard cable (see pictures), so if you require multiple storage devices, you’ll either need to keep an extra cable with you to use this drive or you’ll have to purchase multiple GoFlex Slims. Also, the Seagate website says it comes with an 18-inch cable but the model we tested came with a 6-inch cable instead. Not sure why there was this discrepancy.

I was disappointed to discover that the GoFlex Slim doesn’t come with any accessories; no travel sleeve or mini-USB cable.



Seagate has made another well-designed portable storage solution for Mac lovers and PC users on the go — but this time they made it sexy. The Seagate GoFlex Slim is durable, attractive, fast and compact, and is an excellent option for those interested in saving a little extra space in their laptop bag.

Verdict: [xrr rating=80%]

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  • brian

    “The Bad: I’d definitely like to see a GoFlex Slim with a bit higher capacity.”

    Except that not once in the article do you mention the capacity…which is 320 GB.

  • elimilchman

    Thanks Brian, this is actually my fault — somehow the storage capacity got lost in editing. Doh. 

  • LorenaMalevisian

    :) was wondering the same thing, though I missed it. thanks for letting us know, yeah 320gb is small.

  • djrobsd

    You guys need to hire an editor… to vet out these sort of things in your articles.  ;) 

  • RyanTV

    Writing is revision. Basic stuff. Reread what you write and pretend you know absolutely nothing about it. Does it have all the details needed to understand?

    and this drive is old at this point. I’ve had mine for damn near a year.

  • Jordan Trimas

    I’m sure you understand we can’t review everything immediately after in comes out. The GoFlex slim is still sold new and it is VERY slim and fast compared to other 320 gb storage devices. We’d all like to see a bit higher capacity but one step at a time right?