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Waterfield’s Staad Slim Backpack Is Impeccably Designed And Here For The Long Haul [Review]


Staad Slim Backpack

I’m a huge fan of minimalist bags to carry about my tech items. Why drag around a massive messenger bag to just hold my Macbook Air, an iPad mini, and some power cables? Sometimes though, you need to carry more than just the basics, like a full size iPad, extra batteries, keys, wallets, books, and the like.

Staad Slim Backpack by Waterfield Designs
Category: Backpacks
Works With: Various
Price: $319.00

The Staad Slim Backpack, then, is a nice mix between these two extremes: it carries the essentials in a compact design, but has a bit more space than you’d think, letting me add in some extras, like a portable power-brick and a pair of glasses in a case.

Tellingly, this backpack is a well-designed thing of beauty, with nary a stitch or seam out of place. The zippers are solid and immeasurably useful, and the placement of pockets is ingenious. The clasp is simple yet secure, and the colors–from the chocolate leather of the front flap to the light brown of the waxed canvas to the inner lining’s patterned orange–just scream style and substance. This is a backpack I can use for a long, long time.

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The secret iPad supply chain is starting to look as leaky as the roof of my 100-year-old building during a rainstorm. Only instead of aluminum saucepans covering every flat surface, there are aluminum iPad 5 parts strewn all across internet rumor sites.

The latest is this rather convincing effort from Unbox Therapy, and shows just how small the new iPad 5 case is compared to the fat monster we’re forced to use at the moment.