This Guy Really Loves Steve Jobs [Photo]


one more thing tattoo

Cult of Mac reader Pasquale recently sent us this picture of his new tattoo. He notes that the tattoo is “still healing” in the photo.

Steve Jobs was famous for his “one more thing…” tease at the end of certain Apple keynotes. Pasquale also told us why he chose to get such a tattoo on his arm.

I chose “one more thing” because it has several different meanings. Only true Apple fans would know where this quote comes from. It represents every product (thing) he gave us. I am from Australia and I had this done by a local tattoo parlour that has done my other tattoos. People think that I am crazy for getting it, but they don’t yet get what Steve has done. He is alongside Albert Einstein and Alfred Hitchcock and many others who have revolutionized their fields.

Respect. Nice iTattoo, Pasquale!

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20 responses to “This Guy Really Loves Steve Jobs [Photo]”

  1. Dr. Dean Kohrs says:

    Steve would cringe at that font!

  2. Brandon Dillon says:

    I really like this. I do agree with Dr. Dean Kohrs though, but I see why he didn’t go with a simpler font. Something that size needs more “flavor” to it than just Lucida Grande.

  3. auramac says:

    What an utter moron! Fonts do not belong on people’s skin!

  4. John says:

    LAME! But i admire his courage for getting said “LAME” tattoo

  5. likethepear says:

    Steve Jobs would’ve absolutely despised that tattoo because of the font used.

  6. Nathan Strik says:

    It would have been better as a little more subtle tattoo. A tiny Apple logo perhaps, with “one more thing…” in Helvetica, because this font looks more like Coca Cola. Still, I admire the courage.

  7. Graham Briggs says:

    Should have been done in Monaco or Optima.

  8. mike smith says:

    found some cool pix of Steve check em out…

  9. Mark says:

    Wasn’t that Columbo’s catchphrase?

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