Apple admits the Watch doesn’t work well with tattoos


Using an Apple Watch with a tattoo gives some users a (s)inking feeling. Photo:
Using an Apple Watch with a tattoo gives some users a (s)inking feeling. Photo: Guinne55fan

Apple has issued a statement on its website confirming that rumors about a so-called “tattoogate” are accurate.

Reports that the Apple Watch ran into problems when being worn by a person with dark tattoos cropped up earlier this week, when Redditor guinne55fan wrote how his Watch kept locking and failing to send him notifications.

Video shows Apple Watch ‘Tattoogate’ in action


Using an Apple Watch with a tattoo gives some users a (s)inking feeling. Photo:
Using an Apple Watch with a tattoo gives some users a (s)inking feeling. Photo: guinne55fan

More Apple Watch owners with wrist tattoos are reporting problems using the device. The light sensors that enable the Watch to determine if it’s being worn apparently get confused by tattooed skin.

The problem — let’s call it “Tattoogate” — is possibly the result of metallic pigments used for the inking process, although nobody knows for sure. While the glitch affects only a small number of users, it’s definitely mauling the buzz of some frustrated Apple Watch early adopters.

Cult of Mac reader Michael Lovell spoke with us about his disappointing experiences with the Apple Watch, and even sent in a video demonstrating the problem. Check it out below!

This Guy Got 4 Magnets Implanted In His Wrist To Hold His iPod Nano [Video]



Most of us have kind of moved on from the iPod. It was really freaking awesome for a while, but then Apple came out with the iPhone and iPad. Since then iPod sales have slowly dropped, because why spend $150 on an iPod when an extra hundo will get you an iPod Touch? Some people still really really love their iPods though. Some in more crazy ways than others. Like Dave Hurban for example, who had four holes drilled into his wrist and plugged with magnets, just so he doesn’t have to bother with iPod Nano watch bands. Dave’s “invention” is called the iDermal, and it’s crazy, original, and pretty weird.

Eat your heart out Pebble, and check out the video below.

This Is The Ultimate Steve Jobs Tattoo, But Feel Free To Show Us Yours



Getting ink inspired by your favorite company is a huge commitment. Our Portuguese friend Francisco decided he was ready to take the plunge and recently got this Steve Jobs portrait inked on his forearm.  We’ve seen quite a few Apple tattoos over the years but Francisco’s is one of the best.

So what would compel someone to get a Steve Jobs portrait tattoo?

This Guy Really Loves Steve Jobs [Photo]


one more thing tattoo

Cult of Mac reader Pasquale recently sent us this picture of his new tattoo. He notes that the tattoo is “still healing” in the photo.

Steve Jobs was famous for his “one more thing…” tease at the end of certain Apple keynotes. Pasquale also told us why he chose to get such a tattoo on his arm.

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ink tattoo simulator

This is what the iPhone was made for. INK: Tattoo Simulator will save your ass (literally) from desecration by a massive tattoo of an obscure Star Wars character, the name of the girl you just met in your freshman college biology class and want to spend the rest of your life with, a portrait of Newt Gingrich or whatever kooky longing for ink your drunk mind might come up with.