Simple Ways To Make OS X More Like iOS [Video How-To]



Mac OS X Lion includes many features that are very similar to those found in iOS. In this video, I’ll show you how to expand it even further, and make Mac OS X Lion even more like iOS.

Growl can be found here.

Growl iOS theme can be found here.

  • JohnJohnJ

    Author, videos are less effective and more timing consuming than prose. Sorry, I couldn’t be bothered to watch your videos.

  • hellointernet

    I don’t understand the purpose of the lock screen. Why not just enable a hot corner to turn on your screen saver, and then instead of swiping across your keyboard, you can touch a single key or move the cursor. The purpose of the lock screen on the iPhone is to prevent your phone from being accessed while in your pocket. This is not a concern on a computer.

  • Noppatrus Toraninpanich

    I wanna make iOS more like OSX

  • cmerger

    And now the question is how can I run some of the IOS apps under OS X (I just asking that question as I use a bridge game – Funbridge – on my IOS devices and PC, but the editor is not willing to port it to OSX)

  • Anipz Raymond

    after download, there are two folder ; black and white…i clicked on white, then it shows another folder…how do i install ? :(

  • apoorvzamkato
    iPad 3 Retina Display, launch in March, read for more

  • Michael

    I don’t mind making OS X look more like iOS  as long as all the functionality is still there. Some other things that you could do are change all the icons to something like the Flurry icon set by David Lanham, and change the menu bar to solid black with Obsidian Menu Bar by Max Rudberg.

  • morgan3nelson

    I don’t care to make OS X a dumbed down OS, I am much more interested in making OS X less iOS like so that I can get real work done.  OS X used to be a simple, elegant and powerful OS, now it is losing it’s identity.

  • Billy Hegedus

    STOP PRONOUNCING GROWL WRONG. You pronounce it like the sound an animal makes!

  • Jonathan Ober

    you do realize he has an accent not native to US right? he may just pronounce things wrong, how about not getting your panties in a bunch over something so insignificant as a pronounciation.

  • david_z

    Why would anyone wants to make OS X like iOS? Stop doing it!

  • Eduard Tiesto

    why do i need a phone os on my mac PC (there, i said it !) ? first thing i did before i uninstalled lion (shiny and nice as it is, it still wouldn’t work fully if i use my mac to share the internet with other computers in the house, unlike SL – yes, call me cheap, i don’t have a router yet ’cause don’t NEED it with Snow Leopard in my home setup) was get rid of launchpad. it’s redundant, i already have the app(lications) folder in the dock, so it was either/or for me.
    before isod and osx are fully convergent for ALL users i see no need for them to become one. until apple tells me what i need and i test it and then believe it, that is :) Until then, it’s all just “how to make your windows look like mac OS) :)

  • Eduard Tiesto

    i meant ios, sorry.

  • John Lehmkuhl

    I am very concerned that all Apple computers in the future are going to be iOS based so something showing how to lose more of the original Mac OS X experience is NOT going to help calm my concerns any!

  • Salvador Rudy

    I want that, and so many others.

  • Fed_Up_Voter

    Dislike. What accent do you suppose that is?

  • Joe Naflish

    i wanna iOS runs OSX apps! 

  • Jonathan Ober

    If you hear the way he says About around the 25-30 second mark I would pin his accent as Canadian or possibly Minnesota or north western US area.

  • Fed_Up_Voter

    And you’ve heard Canadians pronounce growl “grole”? Never heard a Canadian pronounce it that way in my life (66 years).

  • Kreekru

    My bet is he’s from Boston. Many of his O’s sound like A’s. ex Top sounds like Tap.