The CASELLET Could Be The Most Robust Wallet Case Available For Your iPhone 4



iPhone cases that allow you to leave your wallet at home by making room for your credit cards and cash are becoming increasingly popular. And because they’re popular, there’s a ton of them available. But nearly all of them have one thing in common: they’re made from leather (or a cheap leather lookalike material).

If you’re looking for something a little more robust, check out this Kickstarter project called the CASELLET.

The CASELLET, as its name suggests, is a wallet-case hybrid for your iPhone 4/4S. But unlike most other wallet cases, this one’s made from a sturdy polycarbonate plastic that promises to offer your device the greatest protection from scratches, scuffs, and drops. “CASELLET truly is  — The Ultimate iPhone4/S Case Wallet,” according to its description.

There are two main advantages to CASELLETT over its case leather wallet rivals: First, because the device doesn’t feature a leather flap across its front, you have quick and easy access to your iPhone and you don’t need to fight off a large leather flap while you’re typing a text message or email.

Second, not only does CASELLET provide storage for your credit cards, but unlike many other wallet cases, it also provides safe storage for 6 to 12 bills. And because its rear face is held together by a strong clasp, they’re no chance of them falling out when you pull your device out of your pocket.

The device is available in black, white, and pink, with a customizable rear plate that can be made from either stainless steel or wood. In order to guarantee yourself a case, you’ll need to pledge at least $40 to the Kickstarter project, and for an additional $5, you can have CASELLET fitted with a vanity mirror on the inside of its lid.

What do you think of CASELLET? Would you choose its robust protection of a fancy leather alternative?

  • Andres339

    it just looks ugly and bulky. Who would want to cover a beautiful iPhone with an ugly plastic case. Stick with leather

  • TannerBott

    i have to agree with Andres339 that this case/wallet looks pretty damn ugly. twelvesouth’s bookbook for iPhone however looks amazing compared to this piece of crap

    I’m actually thinking of ordering me a bookbook for iPhone even tho I never use a case anymore because i like to show off my iPhone 4

  • robgilgan

    Defeats the design of the phone. Switcheasy’s Card holds a single card, but still increases the bulk of the phone considerably, but doesn’t interfere with function at all.

  • macgizmo

    I don’t consider my phone a fashion accessory to be admired by those around me – so I would probably give it a try if I could see it in a store before buying. $40 for something I can only view via small screenshots doesn’t interest me though. As it stands, the video doesn’t make it look very good.

  • zebra21

    This actually would work perfect for a person like me who wears basketball shorts often. Since most athletic shorts have no pockets, I find myself having my hands tied up having to carry my wallet, keys, and phone.  This will at least help consolidate 2 of the 3, and rid me of the burden of having to carry my bulky ass wallet around. 

  • Derek

    Someone like me who carries their phone and wallet in their front pants pocket, that’s who. 

    While I agree that the phone is cool to look at, I’m pretty sure that everyone has seen an iPhone at this point.  So for me, it didn’t bother me to cover it up.  I switched over to a leather wallet/case about 6 months ago and it’s been great to not have my pocket completely filled with my phone, my wallet, my keys, etc.  I just found it to be more convenient than to carry both.

  • Christion

    Great product by CASELLET.  Excellent idea, functionality, and design – this surpasses many of the current cases on the market now.         To the previous comments, please keep in mind that the cover is this video is a prototype and not the finished product.  This case incorporates form and function, and was made for any user.  The ability to carry an ID, different credit cards, and cash all with the iPhone is an invaluable asset.  That and the mirror to check your teeth, hair, beautiful face is awesome.  I hope iPhone users will be able to use this product ASAP.  Wishing the best to CASELLET!

  • Brandon Dillon

    I’m the same way. I wear basketball shorts at least 3 days out of the week. I always keep my iPhone in a pocket of its own (don’t want it to get scratched), so I have to put my keys with my wallet in the only other pocket left, and that creates a big bulge in that pocket.

  • Leah

    I would definitely say this is a hip and trendy new alternative to the other leather wallet phone cases or the cheap rubbery wallet phone cases that I’ve seen thus far.  I like how there are several different options for backing material–I personally think the wood backing gives it a very contemporary look.  Also, I’d probably have to see it in person, but from the kickstarter video, it says the extra portion (where the wallet is) only adds 0.8MM, which is probably way more thin than the leather phone wallets when they’re stuffed with cards.  For guys who have more active or out-going lifestyles, I can definitely see that this would be pretty handy and convenient.  From a lady’s perspective, I personally think that item has a flare and modern look that I have yet to see in other wallet cases around.  I’ve already pre-ordered my wood-backed Casellet–hope to see this product come through!

  • Rowanova

    I love the functionality of this accessory. The ability to carry 3 cards, cash, and have it locked into the wallet so they can’t fall out is great. And the screen is left accessible. I also hope the appearance of the Casellet improves for final production models.

  • Alfonso Rinaldo

    Just imagine if you lost your “wallet”

  • Michael Ni

    pulled the trigger and ordered one, not a fan of leather, they give those out free at the cell phone stores, i wish it was 100% aluminum though, that would be sweet, or something that extends the beauty of the iPhone itself.  i wish apple would just make matching cases that use the same material.  well at least i don’t have to carry a wallet anymore, one less thing to worry about

  • kineticdesigner

    I’ve definitely been one to carry an iphone and wallet in my pocket and had to fumble to try to figure out which is what.

  • Justin Gilbert

    I prefer my new BookBook to what this thing looks like.  Only problem is that it doesn’t have a hole for the camera and flash….Taking it to a leather shop in town to customize it ;)

  • Justin Gilbert

    You’ll love the BookBook, but just remember, there isn’t a hole for the camera.  you’ll have to “make” one for yourself.  Or take it to an old fasion leather shop