Save Over $240 On Your Sprint iPhone 4S Contract While Getting More Minutes Free [How-To]


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The iPhone is an incredible, world-changing device… but it’s never been cheap to own one. That’s just as true with the iPhone 4S as it has been with any other iPhone, which means every saved penny counts.

Figuring out which carrier to go with when you sign up for an iPhone 4S requires considering many different factors. For the best bang for the buck, though, Sprint is the way to go: their $79.99 Everything Data plan includes 450 minutes per month, free nights and weekends, as well as unlimited data and text.

Think that’s a pretty good deal? That’s nothing. Follow this guide and we can not only help you save up to $240 dollars on your Sprint iPhone 4S contract over the course of two years, we can even help you get more minutes for less money!

Interested? Read on.

The Magic Sauce: Sprint Everything Plus

So how are we going to get these savings? Easy. We’re going to take advantage of Sprint’s own employee referral program, Everything Plus.

Everything Plus is something neat Sprint set up for its employees that allows them to give their friends, family members and acquaintances a nice little discount on any wireless plans. Not only are these plans discounted, though, they’re also supercharged: hence the “Plus.” Every time you sign up for a Sprint plan through Everything Plus, you get more minutes than you normally would.

All you need to sign up for an iPhone 4S through Everything Plus is the URL, the email address of a Sprint employee and the last three digits of their employee ID number. And what do you know? We have all three.

I know what you’re thinking. It sounds a little unscrupulous handing out some random Sprint employee’s Everything Plus details to the Internet at large. But here’s the great thing: the Sprint employee details we’ll be using are those of corporate bigwig Russ S. McGuire, Sprint’s VP of Strategy, and he’s been giving them away for years on his personal blog! He’s even encouraged other people to share. It’s kosher!

There’s only one problem with Everything Plus. Sprint’s referral program is only valid for new customers or existing customers signing up for an additional line. You can’t change your existing contract using this method, you can only sign up for a new one.

What Kind Of Savings Can You Get Through Everything Plus?

So how much can you really save using Everything Plus?

Quite a lot, actually. If you were to sign up for an iPhone 4S using Sprint’s Everything Data plan, you’d pay $79.99 per month for 450 minutes and unlimited data/texting. But sign up using Everything Plus and you save $10 per month, or $240 over the course of a two year contract, while getting 500 minutes a month and unlimited data/texting. That’s like getting three months service for free!

The savings get even more pronounced if you’re willing to sign up for a family plan. Normally, Sprint’s best deal for a family plan is 1500 shared minuted and unlimited data/texting for $150 a month. That’s about $75 per month for 750 minutes each. With Everything Plus, though, you get 1600 shared minutes for just $130 a month. That’s a $480 savings over two years over the regular family plan.

In other words, if you can find a friend or family member to sign up for a Sprint plan with you, Everything Plus will save you $15 per month over Sprint’s regular $80 Everything Data plan. That’s a $360 savings over two years, and at the same time, you’ll get over 75% more minutes per month to play with than the 450 you would normally get.

Sound good? Here’s how to log in to Everything Plus.

How To Log In To Sprint Everything Plus

It’s easy!

1. Visit in your web browser.

2. When the page is loaded, you’ll be prompted to log in. Use these details:

Sprint Employee Email Address:

Last 3 Digits Of Employee ID (CIC): 383

3. Click the Shop now button.

That’s all there is to it. If you’ve entered the details above correctly, you should now be logged in to Sprint’s Everything Plus Referral Program! Now if you add an iPhone 4S to your cart, any plan you pick will cost at least $10 per month cheaper than it would have normally, with more minutes to play around with to boot!

We hope this was useful to you and it allows at least a few of you to save some dough. Let us know how you get along in the comments, and if anyone knows of any similar discount programs for AT&T or Verizon, please drop us a line and let us know.

Thanks for the tip, Phillip!

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