Akitio Releases New MyCloud Duo Cloud Storage Device




Yes, cloud computing is all the rage these days; question is, d’you plonk all your stuff down on a distant server, or keep your digital junk safe and dry inside your own home, with your own personal cloud? If you picked the latter, Akitio’s new NAS device might appeal to you.

Just like the Pogoplug and it’s ilk, the MyCloud Duo ($149) provides you with a place to store stuff (in this case, you install hard drives directly into the enclosure), and then stream it remotely on a local network throughout your house, or access it from the Internet over the web, or through Aktio’s apps — in fact, Akitio has no less than four apps, and frankly, we weren’t sure which one works with what or how.

The MyCloud Duo comes with UPnP-AV and is compatible with DLNA-supported gadgets (but not AirPlay), supports up to three TB and can be set up in a RAID arrangement.

  • jgr627

    What exactly does RAID arrangement mean? (and im talking in plain English not Wikipedia english)

  • Scott Ronan

    Theres a number of different types of RAID depending on which you choose they all offer different levels of resiliency.

  • Vivek

    RAID is a technology by which you can combine 2 or more hard drives and make them behave as one hard drive. For example if u have 2 1TB hard drives, they can be formatted to RAID 0 ( RAID 0 is just a format) and they will appear as a single 2TB hard drive rather than 2 individual drives. Another common format of RAID is RAID 1, which does mirroring. It basically backs up data. In this case  even if you happen to have 2 1TB hard drives, you only get to use one hard drive. The other hard drive backs up the contents of the first automatically. I hope this information helped. 

  • jgr627

    Whoa thanks for the break down it most def helped now I def have a mini project to build at home. Any tips?

  • Dennis Simpson

    I have been using the QNAP NAS products for some time now and would suggest you check them out before picking a NAS. They do cloud too.

  • Wayne_Luke

    Buy all the drives for your RAID at the same time. If you go with RAID 1, make sure to buy them in even pairs.

  • aga

    I use Synology, two 3Tb disks in tandem for backup. Can another pair later. Great Apps, does AirPlay. YES!

  • aga

    I use Synology, two 3Tb disks in tandem for backup. Can another pair later. Great Apps, does AirPlay. YES!