Humor: The Real Way People Use Siri Isn’t Nearly As Pretty As Apple Pretends It To Be [Video]


In Apple’s own soothing Siri commercial, dozens of beautiful people living in utopian cityscapes and country vistas effortlessly interact with their iPhone 4Ses as if they were confabbing with the most soliciting of manservants.

In real life, though, things aren’t quite so pretty, as TBS’s Conan O’Brien is quick to point out in this hysterical parody video in which Apple’s original ad is intercut with two disheveled grossies asking Siri to direct them towards the fastest way to Diarrheatown, or compute the circumference of their manhoods.

It is, I’m sorry to say, a perhaps accurate depiction of at least my iPhone 4S post-launch Saturday night.

  • Ed_Kel

    Haha so true! Even Steve Jobs asked if it was a boy or girl in the board presentation. If only Apple had the balls to present Siri in a “real-life”scenario! Who is thinking about rescheduling meetings when jogging?

  • Brian Whitney

    Yeah, because while jogging, the rest of the world stops for you to exercise.