Teach Yourself To Tie A Half-Windsor Or Bow Tie With This Great Mac App



Coming up on 15 years ago, I tied my first tie with the help of a tiny little Geocities web page, and if I had to pinpoint one moment when I first realized the true extent of the ocean of digital information at my finger tips, it would be that one.

I wonder if TieSight will prove to be an identical sort of watershed moment for some other pimply teenager headed out on his first ‘fancy’ date… not for the web, but for the App Internet. It’s just that wonderful.

Available for just a buck over at the Mac App Store, TieSifght uses your Mac’s iSight camera to track your hand and tie movements while it instructs you on the fine art of cravating yourself. It even intelligently shows you an enantiomorphic image on screen, as if you were looking in a mirror as your dad stands behind you, coaching you in the immortal art of the half-windsor. And because you’ll likely have your hands all knotted up, you can tell TieSight to move onto the next tutorial step using voice recognition.

For a dollar, what are you waiting for? It’s certainly cheaper than a clip-on.

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  • BenTenAtl

    I wish i had this app a few months ago before a wedding! lol

  • Jordan Clay

    The problem is, a half windsor isn’t a real knot….always go w/ the full, no exceptions.

  • Guest

    Learning to tie is something young men remember the rest of their life. Learning it from a computer is kind of sad and wrong (unless at least done with peers). But not blaming the guys with no other options, just giving them a heads up to at least throw a party to figure this out rather than sit in their room with an iPad by themselves watching a flash presentation. YMMV