With Way Too Many People To Talk To Siri Goes Offline Temporarily [Outages]



We have no doubts at Cult of Mac that iPhone 4S sales this week-end are going to be a blow out and the first thing people will probably try to do after obtaining their iPhone 4S is to converse with Siri.  Well it looks like this morning with way too many people to talk to Siri has gone offline or maybe its just out on a coffee break.

I had a late day yesterday and I’m only now getting around to playing around with and testing Siri. I think the rest of you might have worn it out since it isn’t as snappy as it was yesterday when I tried  a few preliminary requests.

My first query this morning ended with the result that Siri telling me it was offline (see image above). I tried asking it “Siri what is the meaning of life? ” and it has spun its wheels for several minutes now.  After telling me to wait a second.  Well as those seconds stretch into minutes Siri finally gave up on that query and said:

I tried again. No luck. Right now Siri isn’t talking or at least providing the services or information I need. Oh and as everyone should know by now the answer is, “42. ”  Thanks anyways Siri.

I’m sure that Apple will work the kinks out of Siri and a few outages are expected from time to time, but I hope they work out the kinks soon because Siri appears to be the best feature the iPhone 4S offers. I’m looking forward to running it through its paces. I’m also looking forward to it coming out of beta so that perhaps we can rely on it more than we can now.

Anyhow maybe Siri is just overwhelmed with requests now so could the rest of you shut up so I can get a chance to play with it? Thanks.


  • Cholton1

    It’s still working for me but last night Siri was having the issues you mention here… What I did was turn Siri off, restarted my phone, and turned her back on and it fixed it. Have you tried that?

  • Paul

    Retarded idea anyway.

  • Anielle Nicole

    It’s ‘too’. Proper English. Siri could’ve told you that.

  • Sean

    I’d understand if you made a typo in the headline, but you repeated the mistake in the text itself.

    Why are you writing if you don’t know the difference between “too” and “to”?

  • Phil

    Come on man, people make mistakes all the time there’s no way your Mr. Perfect…

  • Bogus

    The “way to” … what?

    Did the author really not know to simply use “too many…” (two “o”s, not one)?

  • DavidWMartin

    Ok I fixed the heading, etc. I’ve used two more of the O’s out of my annual allotment of O’s. Happy? Thanks for catching that. _h wait I think I just ran _ut. _h well….

  • Shooter_XI

    You’re. I’m sorry but I just had to ;) love your articles though keep it up.

  • Theflash95

    I’m sure when people stop asking their phones stupid questions they already know the answers to Siri won’t be quite as swamped. To me it’s a tool, but a gimmicky one at best… the iPhone is great, but I’m not looking to it to do everything for me. Are we really heading towards that future where we are just blobs on a couch with a robot to wait on us hand and foot? Whatever happened to using our brains and getting off our asses?

  • Johnnyappleseed

    Apparently some are having this problem after restoring from a backup. This fixed it for me:
    General settings:reset:reset network settings


  • Julian | Velasquez

    I’m trying that now. I tried what Johnnyappleseed suggested and that didn’t work, so hopefully your solution works. I haven’t really been able to get much out of Siri since yesterday after I’d first activated my phone. I got the weather this morning… That worked! ;]

  • Thi Halpern

    It’s quite a jump to make the claim that this the problem with Siri not connecting is due to an overload of usage at Apple. You can conjecture this and need to state clearly you’re conjecturing but a) the title of the piece misleads people, and b) the first statement does not do enough to re-adjust reader’s mentality to secure their understanding that you are conjecturing.

    I’ve always hated pieces that has a very misleading title that states something in the affirmative but when one digs deeper into the article, one finds that the statement is not so much in the affirmative as it is in the conjectural. Please, stop play these silly tricks!

  • Buzz

    The apostrophe Siri put into “I’m” is actually an in quote, and not an apostrophe.

  • Dilbert A

    Yeah! And those kids, with their Rock’n Roll!

  • Marcos Duran

    As Apple announced in it’s press event, and you as a “journalist” should know is that Siri is in beta. I think Apple has limited this to one of their devices because they understand that while in beta, Siri servers would be overloaded under high demand. Once service is out of beta I would expect more resources would be online to address demand.

  • Rebekah

    I’ve been able to use it effectively for setting timers while working, and being able to use the phone while running is invaluable.

  • Felfac

    Or maybe a BETA product is having millions of people talking to it at once so its just talking a minute to sit down and take a few deep breaths

  • Felfac

    Hey this isn’t an A-level english class he wanted to tell us he thought siri’s servers were being overloaded and i didnt have any trouble understanding that even it’s even obvious from the title i think you just to take te jke and think a bit

  • Jacob Robb

    42 isn’t the meaning of life, it’s the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything.

  • Rose

    I believe it – it’s so much fun to learn all the cool things it can say!  Like here are a bunch of them:  http://stuffsirisays.wordpress…  

  • I Gave In to siri

    I think that siri may have reset itself, because this morning it no longer new who i was….I thought we were friends : )  Anyways, I just added my own contact again and everything works perfectly.  I hope that apple uses all the information that they are gathering from Siri to continue to improve it.  I wasn’t going to buy the iphone because I had a 3gs and I wanted a larger screen, but after seeing this 10 year old or so (i know pretty sad) youtube video using siri I decided on the spot that I would purchase it the next day.  Yes I felt like such a douche buying it after complaining but the siri thing is amazing.  I usually forget a lot of little things but with the reminders and GPS oriented reminding it really makes my life a lot easier.  I just hooked it up to my google calendar and now I’m starting to add stuff to my apple calendar for the first time and it’s just made taking care of all the little things soo much easier!!! Love this product and if they do come out with a 4G LTE and larger screen next year I’ll buy that too, just with verizon and not AT&T. 

  • Mister Hedge

    I had this problem myself, but it wasn’t because of server overload. Oddly enough, it was because I hadn’t properly filled out my own personal contact info that I had linked to Siri. After I changed my name to “me” and filled out my number, it worked like a charm.

  • Dave Stephens

    Title needs a comma. It’s confusing without it.

    With Way Too Many People to Talk to, Siri Goes Offline Temporarily

    With Way Too Many People to Talk to (COMMA) Siri Goes Offline Temporarily

  • MoneyLoo

    Funny thing is “42” is one of the responses to that question from Siri. I’ve also had it tell me to be a good person and not hate others (basically). And Siri told my wife the answer was “chocolate”. All seem right to me so far :)