Leaked Sales Numbers Suggest Amazon Kindle Fire On Track To Outsell iPad [Exclusive]


Amazon's internal pre-order numbers for the $199 Kindle Fire Android Tablet.
Amazon's internal pre-order numbers for the $199 Kindle Fire Android Tablet.

Six weeks before it officially goes on sale, Amazon’s $199 Kindle Fire is shaping up to be the biggest tablet launch ever… and Cult of Android has the numbers to prove it.

A verified source within the Seattle based online retail giant has provided Cult of Android with exclusive screenshots of Amazon’s internal inventory management system Alaska (Availability Lookup and SKU Aggregator).

These leaked shoots show that orders for Amazon’s Android-based tablet are racking up at an average rate of over 2,000 units per hour, or over 50,000 per day.

In the five days since Amazon put the Kindle Fire up on their official site, over 250,000 tablets have been preordered. If this level of consumer demand for the Kindle Fire continues, Amazon will have 2.5 million preorders for the device before it officially goes on sale on November 15th.

Those numbers make the Kindle Fire’s launch likely to be the biggest tablet launch in history, beating both the iPad and iPad 2 in first month sales.

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  • dcj001

    Wow. That’s really good for Amazon.

    What are their total profits for the sales of these Kindles? Oh. Amazon loses money every time that they sell one of these Kindles.

    Is that really something to brag about?

  • Wayne_Luke

    They might actually have a nice 25% profit margin or $50 per unit profit according to BGR. http://www.bgr.com/2011/10/03/

  • Dalton Paternostro

    All amazon and everyone else did was copy Apple for the how many times now? 

  • Aj Tk427

    There is a post on Gizmodo I believe that states that the Kindle Fire costs about $150 bucks to make, I’ll wait for something more official, but I wouldn’t count on Amazon losing large chunks of cash on this.

  • Aj Tk427

    Amazons only issue is that it’s only really good in the states, so while it may make a good start out the gate, the real question is whether they will be able to continue to keep those high sales volumes.

  • LucianArmasu

    Even if Amazon loses money on the hardware, that doesn’t mean they lose money overall – and they won’t.

  • dcj001

    You believe Gizmodo?

    Here are many estimates of what the Kindle Fire costs to make:


  • InformationWorkshop

    The tide comes in, and it goes out. There’s currently a surge of interest, sight unseen.  But let’s wait to see what happens when people experience the build quality, the user interface, the limitations, and a browser that may not live up to the hype (because, to be honest, no one has seen it and that makes it vaporware for now).

  • gnomehole

    How about record day 1 sales?  Oops, too late.

    Even so, good for Amazon.  Their little cheap tablet will sell like hot cakes to those that cannot afford a real tablet.

  • Ajoflow

    kindle fire is going to be a gateway to ipad purchases. i called it!

  • Jah

    I feel sorry for the people who buy these. I have played with many Android based tablets and they have all been quite literally awful. I’m predicting a mass purge after a few weeks, ebay, gumtree, craigslist etc will get flooded with disappointed users who want to off load a unit that will lets be honest probably fall short.

  • Juliano Rossi

    Sorry, but, this is wrong, for 2 reasons:

    – iPad has sold 300.000 units in it’s first 24h of sales. Fire has taken 120h to sell 250.000 units.
    – We all know that the numbers of the first days of pre-orders won’t be the same numbers for the rest of the period. It’s obvious. Now, after Fire ships (and people start to USE it), then, everything could happen.

  • techgeek01

    I have played with multiple android tablets and the experience was amazing. I personally don’t own an Android tablet, but the people I know who own an Android powered tablet LOVE their tablet and say it is defiantly worth what they paid for them. Their won’t be massive purging going on.  We’re talking Amazon here.  What the tablet is designed for, it will do it very good.  Yes, it’s not an iPad like tablet, but for the people who buy it, majority will find it to be more than perfect.

  • techgeek01

    Actually, Android tablets.  Why?  Because you would be able to port all the stuff you bought on the Fire to an Android device. (tablet)  So, all the Apps you got for your Fire, you will be able to use them on an Android tablet. Go to an iPad, you won’t be able to use those apps you bought for your fire. 

  • techgeek01

    Well, who says they are losing money on them?  I hear people say they cost $250 to make, and then I hear others say $150.

  • imajoebob

    First, these are ORDERS, not preorders.  Continued use of the (nonsensical, non-existent, asinine) term “preordered” may result in beatings.

    Second, I know I’d never doubt the “leaked” sales figures of not-yet-existing Amazon product from a source at Amazon.  Amazon may be a sales and marketing BEHEMOTH, but they’d never plant false numbers – especially WITHIN their organisation – just to drive sales with a false impression of demand or create (free) press coverage.  

    Perish the thought.

  • 300AShareMakesMeSmile

    I believe there was an article on some other site with a cost breakdown and it claimed the Fire cost $209 to build.  So, there are some discrepancies about whether the Fire makes money or loses money from the hardware sales.  Just as there’ll be many discrepancies as to how many Fire tablets are actually being sold or how many unhappy returns.

  • 300AShareMakesMeSmile

    No matter how many Fire tablets will be sold or left unsold, Amazon’s share price will definitely rise just based on the company running interference with Apple’s iPad.  That’s how desperate Wall Street is trying to find some company, any company that will slow down iPad sales.  Wall Street doesn’t want Apple to run away with the tablet market because they’re betting heavily on Jeff Bezos boosting Amazon’s share price higher and higher or a lot of market manipulators will lose money.

    The Wall Street crooks are betting that Amazon will continue to outperform Apple at every level and they’re being reckless about it.  Apple needs to seriously put the hammer down with a content streaming solution that will absolutely crush the Fire’s chances of becoming popular as an Android-based media content device.  I think that’s why Apple is going to come out early with the iPad 3 and drop prices on the iPad 2 to choke off Fire sales before they get a chance to gain consumer favor.

  • dcj001

    The people who say that they cost $250 to make are the ones who say that they are losing money on them.

  • brownlee

    Uh, no. The iPad sold 300,000 in its first day of sales, but only after two months in which it had been announced but unavailable for order. The Kindle Fire is not on sale yet: you can only put in an order for one, but your credit card will not be billed. So it’s exactly the same. 

  • GFYantiapplezealots

    Pcs outsell macs and android phones outsell iPhones. Who cares? I love the minds at Apple and as long as they are in business I’m happy.

  • brownlee

    Huh? Amazon’s on track for record day one sales. THESE ARE NOT SALES NUMBERS: they are “hold me place in line” numbers. Apple had two months to build up hype for the iPad to get 300k sales on the first day, remember. Amazon’s almost matched that after five.

  • brownlee

    There is absolutely no proof they lose money on these. In fact, last informed estimate we saw, they made about $60 on each.

  • GFYantiapplezealots

    I agree. Android is bad programming and no amount of hardware power seems to even give it smooth scrolling and responsive UI. Then again there are people who say they can’t tell a difference between SDTV and HDTV.

  • brownlee

    Uh, it’s not an order until your credit card is charged. These are pre-orders: you’re reserving your place in line with a credit card number.

    Also, yeah, okay, whatever to the rest of it. I’m sorry you can’t believe that 250,000 people might be lining up for a $200 tablet, but it’s not so beyond the pale that you need to start conspiracy theories… and you don’t know the first thing about our source, who he or she is, or how long or well we’ve known him or her.

  • Paul Koenig

    Assuming, of course, many apps are paid for and heavily used. Neither criterion has been in much evidence in the iPad market.

    We’ll soon start seeing reliably how many Verizon customers switch to iPhone when they are able to qualify for a subsidy and a new iPhone model is released. That will give a good indication of the stickiness of Android.

  • elnemo

    Of course it will outsell the iPad…..It’s less than half the price.

  • blackops142

    Amazon’s LOSS LEADER- Each tablet is estimated to cost over $209 to build. Selling it at $10 less than what they cost to build is a bit foolish. I hope Amazon’s target audience actually buys books instead of playing Angry Birds and updating their FB status.

  • Terry Casey

    ok here’s to quash the rumor …the kindle fire is not in the same league as the ipad 2..so cant be a competitor.

  • Alfiejr

    this story must come from Cult of Stupid.

    you can’t extrapolate the first week of sales of something totally new and assume they will continue at that same rate for 5 more weeks. anyone but an idiot knows that. these are the “early adopters.”

    an accurate estimate would always assume a gradual drop off in these pre-sales by 2/3 to 3/4 until the actual launch when the initial product reviews come out. which would indicate about 1+ million total pre-sales.

    what happens next after that depends on the reviews. personally i think this V.1 Kindle is flawed with clunky hardware and no camera (to scan bar codes for shopping – is this Amazon or not?). but if nothing else is seriously wrong it should be a modest success for the rest of the Xmas sales season. after that … everyone else will wait for V.2 or a 10″ model.

  • John Carter

    Hey you bastards!!! I thought you were really fans of Apple, but at the end of the day you are just a couple of idiots that are only looking for some money. How can you on earth write on “Cult of Mac” and “Cult of that bull shit” at the same time. Shame on you John!!!

  • Alex

    I feel sorry for the the people that  paid  hundreds more for an iPad who probably would be well served by the limited capabilities of the Fire.  

    Well not really,  to be honest I just got a new 15″MBP today so how I really don’t care.  

  • Nudsui

    its all the people that really want it buying right now…in a few days the heat will turn off at around 500,000 tablets sold. Its people like us, who read tech blogs, that are buying. Not the general population. Give a while and our numbers will ware off

  • Figurative

    But it won’t.

  • SavedByTechnology

    Cult Of Mac, Cult of Android, do I hear a Cult of Amazon?

  • Jhamct

    From yahoo news:

    “Amazon and retail partners took 95,000 pre-orders for the first Amazon tablet, the Kindle Fire tablet on its first day, according to a digital marketing firm.
    That’s about a third of the 300,000 first-generation iPads Apple sold on its first day, but still impressive given Amazon is only shipping the Kindle Fire on November 15.”

  • Jhamct

    It’s all over the tech news today:


  • Aaron

    did you just source yourself?

  • CharliK

    its an impressive start. Time will tell if it keeps tracking like that, if the pre-orders all confirm and what the return rate looks like. if they track well then it will be awesome for Amazon and for those that feel that the iPad is too much tablet for them. 

    but that said, I doubt they will really kill any iPad numbers. Different audiences etc

  • CharliK

    ‘but your credit card will not be billed’ and you could back out of the order. 

  • Ciclismo

    It’s still not a pre-order but, like you said yourself, a reservation.

  • cliqsquad

    That will “supposedly” be addressed in Fandroids oozing Ice Cream Sandwhich update that finally brings GPU acceleration to all Android devices. Yet, I believe it was introduced with HoneyComb for tablets and it doesn’t seem to be helping out the tablets. I guess they may have to wait until for the Froyo Ice Cream Sandwich with Gingerbread sprinkles update for it to finally get resolved. 

  • tawilson

    No Amazon hasn’t matched Apple yet. Nobody has COMMITTED to purchasing a Kindle Fire. They can back out at any time.

  • James

    I couldn’t buy a Kindle Fire or a Kindle Touch even if I wanted to, as I don’t live in the US.

    So there is no way on Earth the Fire will outsell the iPad.

  • oakdesk23

    I can’t stand Brownlee, but I’m pretty sure he’s right. These are orders being placed before the actual order happens. No money has been exchanged and the potential customer is able to undo the non-existant transaction. By every definition this is a pre-order. And as I said, I can’t stand the guy but I’m certain he’s right and you’re an idiot.

  • oakdesk23

    You could make that argument about anything. When you propose to someone and that someone says yes, accepts the ring you’re offering, are they also not committed just because you haven’t gone down to the chapel yet and said “I do”? Just because the transaction hasn’t been completed does not mean they have no intention of completing it. I don’t know anyone that hands out their credit card number for something then says “eh, nevermind”

  • oakdesk23

    There isn’t even any evidence that Amazon is losing money. The companies making these claims have never touched the thing, don’t even know how much RAM it has. They haven’t talked to anyone at Amazon. They are simply making crap up, because their entire business is based on making up crap and selling it. Amazon is not a stupid company, if there wasn’t profit in selling the Kindle Fire they wouldn’t be selling it.

  • tawilson

    Yet still marriage proposals are accepted, and weddings get cancelled. Or are you unaware of this phenomenon?

    These Fire results are akin to saying “I’ll marry you” (it might not happen though)
    Apple’s iPad 300k sales are akin to actually getting married.

    With Apple’s figure, it’s having sealed the deal and got customers money, rather Amazon’s pledge.

    People may pledge money to charities in these charity-athon events on TV. Not all of them actually see through and pay up.

    Make no doubt, some of these pre-orders/reservations WILL be cancelled!

  • FardanNaeem

    at first when i read this news http://tablettechtoday.com/blo… about kindle fire i was like there is no way kindle fire can compete against ipad since its dominating the market but now i realize that i was wrong and i underestimated the potential of kindle fire, it sure is a great gadget and sooner it will lead the market

  • Hampus

    Unless of course they are only counting US numbers as they often do…

  • imajoebob

    It’s an ORDER. You order it, they confirm it, they ship it. You don’t PREORDER. You don’t pretaste, you don’t preeat, you don’t presh- well, I’ll skip that. IS it possible to “oreread’ CoM?

    You can reserve it, you can put one on hold. But you DON’T preorder. You either order it, or you don’t.