So Long, Song Summoners! Apple’s Killed Off iPod Clickwheel Games



We all know that the writing is on the wall for the venerable iPod Classic. It’s a touchscreen world now, unfortunately, and with the global rollout of iCloud and the rise of streaming a la carte services like Spotify and Rdio, there’s just no reason for Apple to sell 160GB iPods anymore.

One casualty of all of this though? The apps. Before Apple rolled out the App Store for iOS, they experimented with software for the iPod, namely through iPod Click Wheel Games. Now Apple has killed off that section from its online store.

Although not hugely popular, the clickwheel games on the iPod have always been a nice little perk. The first iPod Clickwheel Game was Brick, an Easter egg included in the original iPod by the Woz himself. And whiile you probably haven’t played a game on your iPod in a while, there was actually a respectable gaming library from publishers lik Electrionic Arts, Square Enix and Disney.

It’s a bummer. In all honesty, I still carry my 160GB iPod Classic around with me, and I’ve even been known to kick off a game of Song Summoner on it from time to time. Yeah, it’s also on iOS, but then I’ll have to level up all my song heroes from scratch!

[via Apple Insider]

  • tekunoloji

    That’s the start! So long iPod classic. I never missed ye.

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  • Francis McGrew

    I have fond memories of playing PacMan on my old 2006 iPod… click wheel games, so long!

  • Jonathan Jarman

    I bought an iPod classic the other week, just because my old one got stolen out of my car a while back and it’s nice to have the whole library (which wouldn’t fit on the iPhone!) and I wanted to grab one incase they killed it off…

    I noticed I couldn’t download any of the click wheel games so I contacted apple, it’s been over a week now and I still haven’t received a response! I’d figured this was on the cards hence the silence! :(

  • ifuckyourmind

    nobody needs or wants lame crap like that in our age. iOS touch retina games are the only way to do mobile gaming on apple hardware

  • Nooci

    Yes, but we sould still have the option