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Does Anybody Out There Like Lion’s iCal?



Hands up if you love iCal in Lion.

Anybody? Any hands up there at the back? No? Oh.

Yesterday, the guys at Macworld published a useful article about making Lion’s iCal less annoying, but just as useful and entertaining were the comments beneath it.

The simple fact that Macworld felt the need to write an annoyances-fixing article speaks volumes. Plus their use of the word “wretched” to describe the faux leather looks of the thing.

The vast majority of the comments followed a similar theme: people really don’t like the new iCal.

One good suggestion was to avoid iCal altogether, and buy another calendar app. Apple’s iCal is designed in such a way that it stores its event data in a database, which other apps can access. If you’re already an iCal user, it’s easy to try out alternative calendar apps without having to export and import your data, as long as they support use of iCal events. Most of them do, these days. One of my favorites is QuickCal.

It got me wondering what Cult of Mac readers think of Lion’s iCal. Is there anyone out there who likes it? And if you hate it like so many other people seem to, tell the rest of us: which alternative do you use?