QuickBooks for Mac 2012 Tailored for the Small Enterprise Apple Owner


Source: AppleInsider/Intuit
Source: AppleInsider/Intuit

Software maker Intuit, maker of QuickBooks, wants its QuickBooks for Mac 2012 to be tailored to the Apple-owned small enterprise. That means the next version of the accounting software package available Sept. 26 is “not about check-boxes and feature parity,” a product manager says.

Noting that 60 percent of Mac enterprises are sole proprietors, the update streamlines the process, concentrating on just three tasks: invoicing, billing and expenses. In one case, the task of saving invoices was reduced to just one “save” button while developers decided to adopt a familiar paper-like layout to help users feel more at home.

In another hand-holding technique, Intuit provides a guide where users can find the most-used features, a blog where updates can be readily found and personalized setup and assistance.

The software also takes on a more Mac Finder-like look and feel. For instance, search is more like Apple’s Spotlight. Invoices appear in a Mail-like interface, with transactions on the left.

Online banking is also made more Mac-like with QuickBooks 2012 watching how you name your payees, then suggesting a similar ID for new entries.

“With Apple’s new Lion OS, we focused on a simple, elegant and easy to use native experience, while continuing to add new features that save small businesses time,” said Dan Wernikoff, senior vice president and general manager of Intuit’s Financial Management Solutions division.

  • Gregintosh

    I wonder if this will open PC quick book files. If I can’t open my bookkeepers updates from the PC version of Quickbooks the it’s useless to me (I’ll just stick to my Quickbooks 2010 for PC on a virtual machine).

  • Jess_tomasi

    Will Quickbooks come to Canada?

  • tomtermite

    I’ve gone completely cloud-based (with inDinero) because I am tired of incompatibilities with my accountant and bank. I was getting by with Bank of America’s online banking for like 90% of my bookeeping/accounting, but I got tired of the fees.

  • Michael Carnell

    Agreed. I have gone cloud based too. Makes it much easier to have an account or someone check the books, access from iPad so I can do on-site invoicing, etc…  

  • Na550

    When will Quickbooks for mac include a payroll option. Online payroll is too expensive and not an option for small businesses. 

  • Marlene Eick

    Michael, these may be simple, silly questions, but…
    – Are you using a mac or PC-based QB in the cloud?
    – What cloud service are you using?
    – How are you accessing from your iPad?