Apple Resurrects Final Cut Studio at $999



Final Cut users rejoice! Apple has resurrected Final Cut Studio!

After receiving tons of criticism from industry professionals, Apple has decided to offer Final Cut Studio once again to customers. 

MacRumors reports:

“We confirmed with an Apple telesales representative at 800-MY-APPLE that Final Cut Studio, part number MB642Z/A, is again available for $999 and $899 for educational customers. The product is only available through the 800-number and is not available in Apple Retail Stores or on the Apple Online Store.”

Instead of continuing to offer Final Cut Studio alongside Final Cut X, Apple discontinued Final Cut Studio and started offering Final Cut X for $299.99 in the Mac App Store. Many felt that the transition to Final Cut X was too abrupt, and that Apple should have continued to offer the legacy edition to industry professionals that rely on the editing software.

MacRumors notes that Final Cut Studio is once again available to educational customers for $899. The regular price is $999. As of right now, Apple is not distributing the software online or in its retail stores. You have to call Apple’s 800-number to place an order.

Final Cut Studio includes Final Cut 7, Motion 4, Soundtrack Pro 3, DVD Studio Pro 4, Color 1.5 and Compressor 3.5.

Update: The Loop has received an official statement from Apple:

“As we’ve done before with many end-of-life software products, we have a limited quantity of FInal Cut Studio still available through Apple telesales to customers who need them for ongoing projects,” an Apple spokesperson told The Loop.

  • Joebailey47

    Wow they blinked !  Bring back the Xserve Tim Cook !

  • Ian McPhee

    any word of Australian release? I don’t want to use X.

  • WardC

    Wow, let’s just sell the OLD version, and sell it for SEVEN HUNDRED DOLLARS more!! — way to rake in the profits, Apple!

  • Mark Holmes

    Thank you Tim Cook! Now please get a team of engineers to work on an update. OR buy Vegas Pro from Sony and port it to OSX.

  • Custom

    Thanks You Apple!!!!  :D

  • jongar jabbar

    I guess they failed with the new final cut

  • Archer Sully

    Of course, this doesn’t address the real issue, which is that FC7 is older than dirt. I expect that all of the disgruntled FCP users who defected earlier this year won’t be coming back.

  • Renegader

    Meh.  Grab a real professional editing program like Avid for the same price.  

  • freighttrain2126

    wouldn’t most of the people complaining about the “upgrade” already have this?

  • Len Williams

    I’m at a loss here. I’ve been an Apple fan and user since 1989, but the first thing I noticed is that FCX wouldn’t import FCS projects–what? This would seem to be to be an absolute necessity for users to be able to upgrade to the new software and still keep working on their movies. The backlash has been huge. Now Tim brings back FCS, the old version, and is willing to sell it again–but why would users want to buy a dead-end product that won’t be upgraded? It only allows users to buy additional copies of FCS for their current projects–in other words it’s a $999 throwaway item. I’m completely lost on the strategy.

    I have a question for FCS users: Is the new FCX software a significant leap forward in technology from the old FCS way of doing things, or is it less capable and more problematic?

  • CharliK

    Very few pros would be worried about the lack of importing because they don’t change software in mid project to something brand new and untested. And rarely do they pitch their disks for the old software. 

    As for the whole FCS thing, yeah it is a dead end product but folks are yelling about it. So if they are willing to make the call and place the order, that’s on them

    as for the changes. Yes it is a leap but at the moment that leap came with the price of missing a few features that, while not needed by all users, are ‘vital’ to certain sub groups within users. thus the yelling and screaming

  • CharliK

    Or not. THere were never firm numbers of exactly how many downloads there were, compared to the negative reviews, the demands for refunds etc. 

    It could turn out that only 2-3% of buyers really dislike the product enough to have yelled about it and wanted their money back while the rest love it or at least like it enough to hang onto it and wait for the upgrades

  • CharliK

    That was always the price. Keep in mind that it includes a number of features that may be based on patented tech that Apple doesn’t control. Dropping those features from the base product and making those that really need it go and get it via plug ins from the patent owners could be how they were able to drop the price of FCPX. 

    if so, my boss is among the thrilled. We don’t ever export to tape because even the tv shows we work on deal in film so if dropping that saved up a few hundred, that’s not a problem for our money guys

  • Ciclismo

    Part of the issue wass that, since the software was discontinued, this prevented businesses from obtaining new licenses, for example when expanding or getting new equipment. As many will continue to use FCS for several years until FCX has matured, this could pose a serious issue and Apple probably realised that this could’ve cost them many customers (many have already jumped to CS5.5).

  • Ciclismo

    So FCS is not a real NLE?

  • AppBuster

    Sell FCS for 299,- (AppStore without Motion). Announce further updates and compatibility patches and you have a HOT PRODUCT!

  • AppBuster

    One more thing: Make the UI dark grey, use the new icons and give it a new release number.

  • freighttrain2126

    I see, thanks for the insight, I didn’t think about that.

  • AlecTheFirst

    I guess not. Hmmm. Who knew?

  • Anthony M Perez

    They dropped the ball hardcore. I switched to Adobe Premiere and never looked back.

  • Matthew Wynd (test)

    We called this morning and the Apple rep at the 800 number had no idea about the program. We were referred by that person to our Higher Education Sales rep.

  • Simone Smith

    You don’t even use EDLs? Do you grade and online in FCP?

  • Deb

    Definitely less capable and more problematic – It’s interface is also remarkably similar to imovie.  They’ve really just dumbed down the software and marketed it on a consumer level.  You can’t even export EDL’s on Final Cut X – an ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY process for editors in the professional realm.  Really, Final Cut X is a total slap in the face to professional editors.  Apple is going to have to do ALOT more than simply re-release final cut studio 7.

  • timeoutofmind

    blow me. long gone to adobe.