Behold Microsoft’s Idea of a “Streamlined” Interface [Humor]



Microsoft is in the process of developing Windows 8, and the Redmond giant has posted an analysis of what it’s calling “Improvements in Windows Explorer.” We’ll leave you to be the judge of the “improvements” made in Windows 8, but we couldn’t resist showing you Microsoft’s idea of a “streamlined” interface in the new Explorer.

Laurie Voss shares this fantastic post on his personal blog. In the post, Microsoft shows what it believes to be an “optimized” and “streamlined” UI for Windows Explorer in Windows 8.

Here are the exact words:

Goals of the new Windows Explorer

We set out to accomplish three main goals with this new version of Explorer.

  1. Optimize Explorer for file management tasks. Return Explorer to its roots as an efficient file manager and expose some hidden gems, those file management commands already in Explorer that many customers might not even know exist.
  2. Create a streamlined command experience. Put the most used commands in the most prominent parts of the UI so they are easy to find, in places that make sense and are reliable. Organize the commands in predictable places and logical groupings according to context, and present relevant information right where you need it.
  3. Respect Explorer’s heritage. Maintain the power and richness of Explorer and bring back the most relevant and requested features from the Windows XP era when the current architecture and security model of Windows permits.

And here’s the screenshot:

There’s plenty of other juicy tidbits to gawk at in the post, including this screenshot of the commands with an overlay of how often users actually click.

Basically, 50% of the buttons that Microsoft proudly attributes to its ‘streamlined’ interface won’t ever be used by Windows users — and that’s according to Microsoft’s own research.

We’re sure that Jony Ive is proud.