Apple Sells More iPads Every Two Weeks Than Motorola Sells Xooms In a Year [Report]


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Apple sold 9.2 million iPads in the last business quarter of 2011, and the company’s CFO even went on record to say that Apple is selling “every iPad we can make.” This has been evidenced by the delayed shipping times for the iPad 2 since its release, with the tablet finally receiving a normal online shipping estimation only a couple weeks ago.

To contrast the iPad’s unprecedented success in the consumer tablet market, the Motorola Xoom shipped 440,000 units last quater. And, no, “ship” does not mean “sold.”

Motorola expects to sell 1-1.5 million Xooms by year’s end, while Apple sells 1.5 million iPads every two weeks.

That’s what you call a zinger.

[via MacRumors]

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32 responses to “Apple Sells More iPads Every Two Weeks Than Motorola Sells Xooms In a Year [Report]”

  1. dcj001 says:

    “Apple Sells More iPads Every Two Weeks Than Motorola Does In a Year [Report]”
    Motorola sells iPads?

  2. BrianVoll says:

    Glad I went with the obvious tablet last year. Well, I think the iPad [1] was the only tablet for a while when I bought it.

  3. Stefan Ades says:

    As Motorola does not sell the iPad how can you ever say how many more Apple sold?  Now, does Apple sell more tablets in two weeks them Motorola does in a year, probably.  That, however, is not what the headline said.  

  4. JRD says:

    Motorola sell iPads?

  5. JRD says:

    Motorola sell iPads?

  6. TheMacMob says:

    Apple sells more iPads every two weeks than Motorola does in a year because, Motorola does not sell iPads.  sorry, had to do it, great post!!!

  7. Jeffrey says:

    The title implies that Motorola also sells iPads

  8. alexheath says:

    Woopsies. Wow.. that was embarrassing. Title corrected :)

  9. Pawel Tomasz Dlugosz says:

    About to get my hands on an iPad Wi-Fi (1st Generation) model, and there wasn’t really a moment when I thought I could go for something else.

  10. Wayne_Luke says:

    Only tablet on the market when I bought was the iPad. When I upgrade, it will be to the newest rendition of the iPad. Looked at the others in Best Buy and they weren’t very appealing. Android isn’t very appealing to me. I want my gadgets to be appealing.

  11. bav14 says:

    I found this new apple blog and it great!

  12. weltraumpirat says:

    So ask yourself why… Maybe Motorola can’t sell more, because they don’t have so much Xoom’s ;)
    But as an Apple fanboy you have to look over the IT border… A very long time we Apple fanboys was a kind of exclusive nerd herd. Now everyone buys an iPhone, or iPad… We aren’t exclusive anymore!!! Welcome to 2011!

  13. bav14 says:

    I found this new apple blog and it great!

  14. bav14 says:

    I found this new apple blog and its great!

  15. Kevin Turner says:

    I have them both.

  16. djrobsd says:

    What’s your point?  These are just fanboy articles.  

  17. Hampus says:

    But Motorola have more Xooms returned in two weeks than Apple have iPads returned in half a year!!

    Wait that is not a good thing right? :p
    Not that I have any numbers to back that up, not that specific at least, but there where articles a few days back about the high return-rates on Honeycomb tablets.

  18. AppJuice says:

    if they did they would make a profit :)

  19. Matthew Snider says:

    Love numbers like this – go Apple

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