Take Complete Control Of OS X Lion’s LaunchPad With This Free Utility



We’ve already shown you here at Cult of Mac how to nuke Lion’s LaunchPad and Start over, but what if you don’t want to go to such extreme measures? Instead, what if you just want to remove or add a few different apps to LaunchPad, without starting from scratch?

It’s easy, thanks to Andreas Ganske’s Launchpad-Control. Here’s how it works.

Launchpad-Control is ridiculously easy to use. All you do is download it, unzip it, and open the application. When Launchpad-Control is open, you can see a list of all the apps displayed in your Launchpad. If you want to hide some apps from Launchpad, all you need to do is untick them.

I’ve found Launchpad to be pretty superfluous, but using Launchpad-Control, I was able to make it into a pretty launcher for all of my most used apps. If you haven’t cared for Launchpad so far, you might do the same. Download it here.