Take Complete Control Of OS X Lion’s LaunchPad With This Free Utility



We’ve already shown you here at Cult of Mac how to nuke Lion’s LaunchPad and Start over, but what if you don’t want to go to such extreme measures? Instead, what if you just want to remove or add a few different apps to LaunchPad, without starting from scratch?

It’s easy, thanks to Andreas Ganske’s Launchpad-Control. Here’s how it works.

Launchpad-Control is ridiculously easy to use. All you do is download it, unzip it, and open the application. When Launchpad-Control is open, you can see a list of all the apps displayed in your Launchpad. If you want to hide some apps from Launchpad, all you need to do is untick them.

I’ve found Launchpad to be pretty superfluous, but using Launchpad-Control, I was able to make it into a pretty launcher for all of my most used apps. If you haven’t cared for Launchpad so far, you might do the same. Download it here.

  • Michael Black

    Thanks for this one. Frankly, this is something that Apple should have included within system preferences. It’s kind of ridiculous that one needs a 3rd party app in order just to configure something to one’s choosing.

  • atimoshenko

    Why not just keep the most used apps on the first page of LaunchPad, and drag all of the other ones to later pages? Or am I missing something?

  • Jordan Stocker

    or you could put most used apps in the dock and forget the stupid launchpad

  • vanmacguy


    Thanks so much for this tip. Launchpad is now completely usable and will become my ‘go to’ way of opening apps. Four screens condensed into one.

    Great tip.

  • Andy Foote

    Any idea why the Chrome browser doesn’t show up in Launchpad (but other browsers, incl. Stainless do)? Is it an anti-GOOG thing?

  • markrlangston

    Not sure why it’s not showing up. I have both Chrome and Canary in LaunchPad. 

  • markrlangston

    Incredible tip!! Now I can finally get rid of all those useless Adobe Uninstall files. Just thought it’s funny that this Control program doesn’t show up in LaunchPad. Otherwise, it’s perfect.

  • Dhammarati Waddell

    great idea.
    but it dismantled all of my carefully constructed folders, and gave me pages of single apps again.

  • twitter-28439603

    Uncheck!  “untick”, ugg.

  • Akula971

    Why bother? Just put your “Apps”, folders and useful files in a folder, drag to the right hand side of the dock, set the stack to display as a folder and show as a grid. Twice as useful as LaunchPad, which in my opinion is a waste of coding time.

  • Joe Streno

    Yup that’s what I’ve been doing for a while.

    Honestly LaunchPhad seems pretty useles. I can’t navigate it with arrow keys. I can’t navigate it by typing the first letters of an app. I have to open, look, click and launch … LATER for that! I’ll stick to using Alfred (or put you fave here) for launching. Much faster and my hands never leave the keyboard. It’s already gone from my dock. And when I want visions or versions of the iOS I’ll use my iPhone.
    I’ll also go on record to say that Lion feels like the people who write all those “Dummies” series of books had their way with the Mac OS. I have always been an early adopter, but this is the first Mac OS I don’t care to use daily … yet.

    I’ve loaded it on another drive to test drive it before committing.

    That’s my story & I’m sticking to it! ; )

  • djrobsd

    Launchpad is a joke.  Apple is so stupid to think that their loyal Mac users are actually going to want their $2000 dollar Macs to behave like a $500 dollar touch screen computer.  Fortunately I still have Spotlight, Finder. and Dock so I can completely ignore the Launchpad (and even remove the icon from my dock!). :) 

  • Dave Probert

    Hate to say it, but this App doesn’t really work.  Installed it and spend a good 10 mins removing many, many useless entries from Launchpad.  Ran Launchpad and Voila! Clean, and nice looking.  I thought, “Perfect”.  

    Until I came home in the evening and tried Launchpad again…  Many of the icons are back!!, and in the LP Control tool there are double entries for most of what I had removed (one ticked and the other not)!!!   Looks like it doesn’t quite do what it says on the box. Beware.

    I have to agree with so many other people – Launchpad is quite useless in it’s current state.  With no way of removing the ‘junk’ properly it is just a mess of files – the standard Application folder is better organised.  To that end I, for one, will be sticking with the old (working) ways.

  • Arham Maher


  • nikond100

    Very much agree with you Jordan thats exactly what I do can’t see the point of it to be honest with you.. why have Launch Pad and the dock?

  • nikond100

    Very much agree with you Jordan thats exactly what I do can’t see the point of it to be honest with you.. why have Launch Pad and the dock?

  • nikond100

    Create a folder in Launchpad and put those Adobe uninstall files in one spot/folder – thats exactly what I did… damn good tidy up 

  • Corey Francesca

    Yeah I just experienced this today as well after having the tweak work fine for the last few days. Got triple entires, but was able to temporarily fix them for now. Hopefully the dev catches this, otherwise as you say, it’s pretty useless. 

  • Saavykas

    How nice for you that Apple, the stupid, evil corporation, bungled their shift to a new interface mode by allowing you, the humble user, to beat “the man” and use the old interface modes. You are triumphant against the terror that is Apple! Huzzah!

    Get over yourself. I agree, I think Launchpad needs *serious* work to make it useful, but really? Apple is *stupid* for trying an optional feature like this? Have you considered that maybe there are “loyal” Mac users who would rather enjoy a default, gesture-driven application interface that mirrors their beloved iPad and iPhone? More and more, Apple is coming into consumer homes via iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch, and Apple knows it. They even said as much in the same keynote Lion was introduced in (during iOS 5’s demo, where one of the features was the ability to set up an iOS device without a computer with iTunes). It’s consistent with the rest of the direction that the keynote took.

    I’m not saying you’re stupid, but I am saying you need to shift your perspective just a little bit beyond your own perch. Apple had a reason to try the Launchpad system, and if you don’t like it (I don’t like it much either) you have the option of never using it.

  • Saavykas

    For reasons thoroughly beyond me, it refuses to run on my Macbook Pro (Mid-2010 version running Lion), giving an error about not being able run on Intel Macs.

    This has to be some kind of fundamental error.