How Far Can You Push Apple Store Geniuses Before You Get Kicked Out? Pretty Far. [Humor]


The Geniuses at your local Apple Store are trained to be some of the most confident and unflappable retail employees in the biz, but how far can you push it? Can you order a pizza in an Apple Store? Can you take your wife on a date to one? Can you get your iPhone repaired dressed as Darth Vader? Can you bring your pet goat into the store?

Comedian Mark Malkoff set to find out, and the answers are embedded in the above video, courtesy of My Damn Channel. It’s a pretty funny video that ends with the summary that Apple Geniuses are probably way too nice for their own good, and I’d tend to agree: the point where you stop being cool and start kicking people’s ass is when they start letting their pet goat drop tiny, pellet-sized grams of shit all over your clean 5th Avenue showfloor.