How Far Can You Push Apple Store Geniuses Before You Get Kicked Out? Pretty Far. [Humor]


The Geniuses at your local Apple Store are trained to be some of the most confident and unflappable retail employees in the biz, but how far can you push it? Can you order a pizza in an Apple Store? Can you take your wife on a date to one? Can you get your iPhone repaired dressed as Darth Vader? Can you bring your pet goat into the store?

Comedian Mark Malkoff set to find out, and the answers are embedded in the above video, courtesy of My Damn Channel. It’s a pretty funny video that ends with the summary that Apple Geniuses are probably way too nice for their own good, and I’d tend to agree: the point where you stop being cool and start kicking people’s ass is when they start letting their pet goat drop tiny, pellet-sized grams of shit all over your clean 5th Avenue showfloor.

  • bd7349

    Only at an Apple store. Gotta love Apple. :)

  • Daniel Vancea

    Use the Force! LOL!

  • jnjnjn3

    Nothing better to do?

  • Gabriel Mata

    thats why apple stores are the best

  • Matthew Brennan

    That little girl was so scared when he stared using the force haha!

  • Allan Robertson

    No way you could do that in the UK, would violate about a dozen health and safety rules.

  • John Ramirez

    too funny

  • TylerHoj

    What if I were to bring a Lion into the store? …or perhaps a pissed off Snow Leopard?

  • Sergio Mendoza H.

    This video was GREAT! LOL At the Mac Stores here in Mexico City you’re lucky if you can go in with your cell phone!

  • LukealiciousX

    Oh, why can’t you go in with your cell phone?

  • LukealiciousX

    Noob. You just destroyed the Apple Store. You should respect it and not joke about it.

  • Sike1dj

    Dont be a fag, fag.

  • vanmacguy

    Awesome. Only at the Apple store. Pizza delivery? Wow.

    @ @twitter-243481669:disqus it’s a store!

  • Eddy Lopez

    Yo Apple, Inc., give your retail employees whatever benefits they want, they deserve it!!!

  • Zulvianes Budiman

    hahahahaha.. this is hillarious… great stuff, good job Apple Store employeess.! :D

  • jowie

    More! Push them further! Set up a store selling stuff inside the Apple Store or something. See where their breaking point is! :)

  • Franz Mercado Lorberg

    Really cool. Nice guys those Geniuses.
    And… Goats prefer Mac over PCs  ;)

  • Robin van Baalen

    Gotta love Europe.

  • Daniel Izanami

    There are no official apple stores here in Mexco :(

  • aatifsumar

    Hahahaha love how scared the little girl got of Darth Vader. She literally jumped out of the room.

  • mai duc chung

    The usual idea is that you would use NFC to set up the link between the two devices and then do an automatic hand over to a different protocol for doing the actual transfer of data – eg Bluetooth,iphone 5

  • CharliK

    You walk in with a camera and start pulling that kind of stunt and they know something is up. And even if you tell the person the camera isn’t allowed there’s still a chance some of the footage will get out before you can get it deleted so no one is going to act like a douche if they have any sense. 

    But generally antics don’t win you points with anyone including Apple. Then again most of the time the antics they see are jerks yelling and cussing because they threw their phone on the ground and it broke and Apple won’t give them a new one or similar crap

  • 幸せな

    I got kicked out by playing One Direction videos um okay? AND I only did it once!