Acer to Apple: We Will Bring The Patent War To You


Photo by Arjan Almekinders -
Photo by Arjan Almekinders -

In a bit of pre-emptive posturing, PC maker Acer charges Apple “started the patent war,” warning any losses should be seen as the cost of doing business. What patent war? Acer is among a number of Android-backers worried a recent Apple patent court win could result in more lawsuits.

Acer, which has seen its netbook sales crumble and its CEOs stumble trying to compete with the iPad, is now striking out, worried Apple may go after PC makers for patent royalties. The U.S. International Trade Commission recently ruled high-profile Android handset maker HTC infringed on two iPhone-related patent owned by the Cupertino, Calif. tech giant. Concern is that Apple could use the court victory to exact damage on rivals through exorbitant fees.

Acer chairman JT Wang said Apple “either wants money or market influence and should consider any related losses as costs of doing business,” industry publication DigiTimes reports. Google, which fathered the Android mobile operating system, is taking similar swipes at its rival, CEO Eric Schmidt reportedly suggesting Apple is just jealous.

Earlier this week, analysts reported Android tablets had gone from essentially nowhere a year ago to 30 percent of the tablet market. However, as Strategy Analytics noted, that growth was for Android tablets shipped rather than purchased by consumers.

If Apple finally got the Nokia monkey off its back by agreeing to a huge royalty payment, could Google do the same to free Android from the spectre of further Apple patent lawsuits?

  • Robert X

    Sour grapes. Apple is killing Acer’s business. Acer was the king of netbook but the iPad market has taken huge chunks out of Acer’s bottom line and now they are poised to do the same (possibly) in the iOS vs Android market.

  • Yellowcows

    Invent your own stuff for crying out loud… Bunches of shameless copycat!

  • ihateintsik

    Acer products sucks, specially the netbooks and laptops it always hang after a few hours. Acer what patent do you mean? You guys a bunch of copycats only. 

  • Hampus

    Don’t know about sucks… Their computers are rather good, definitely beats Packard Bell and HP in my book.
    Also, their tablets are definitely the most interesting looking Android tablets, they actually have a rather unique look :p

  • Hampus

    Acer, in case you didn’t know, if anyone infringes on your patents you are allowed and and expected to sue them for it, this applies to Apple and all other companies, even you Acer :p

  • lwdesign1

    Apple invents and innovates, then everyone else copies–and has the nerve to cry “unfair” when Apple sues to protect the years and millions it’s spent on R&D. What malarky!

  • Dilbert A

    nailed it.

    Their customer service is garbage.

  • Dilbert A

    “beats Packard Bell …”

    isn’t saying much.

  • zahoo

    Apple stole the original idea of the touchscreen multi-icon phone from LG Prada which came out first.  Just because the company is good at selling doesn’t mean it was inventive. 

  • mai duc chung

    The usual idea is that you would use NFC to set up the link between the two devices and then do an automatic hand over to a different protocol for doing the actual transfer of data – eg Bluetooth,iphone 5