Adobe Backs Down on Claims That OS X Lion Assassinates Flash


Might be time to get rid of this vector for security exploits, yeah?
Might be time to get rid of this vector for security exploits, yeah?
Photo: Adobe

Shortly after OS X Lion hit the Mac App Store, Adobe promptly blamed Apple’s new operating system for a number of issues with its applications that users are experiencing after upgrading. One of its claims was that Lion disables hardware video acceleration, which has a huge impact on its Flash Player and results in it eating up a whole lot more of your processing power than it previously did.

It hasn’t taken long for Adobe to issue a retraction on that claim.

In a statement posted to its blog, and in its initial support article, Adobe clarifies its claims:

The final release of Mac OS X Lion (10.7) provides the same support for Flash hardware video acceleration as Mac OS X Snow Leopard (10.6).  The previous “Known Issue” described in a tech note suggesting that video hardware acceleration was disabled in Lion was incorrect and based on tests with a pre-release version of Mac OS X Lion that related to only one particular Mac GPU configuration.  We continue to work closely with Apple to provide Flash Player users with a high quality experience on Mac computers.

This obviously suggests that Lion isn’t really the Flash killer Adobe claimed it was, and instead, the problems are simply with Adobe’s software… and their failure to test it on Lion properly before release.

Although there is no mention of an upcoming update in its statement, we’re sure that Adobe will be issuing a Flash Player fix shortly.

[via MacRumors]

  • Chris Brunner

    Over reaction = scared to death of HTML5!


  • bplano

    My 13″ MBP (2011) gets really freaking hot using Flash… but YouTube runs like a dream in HTML5. No heat problems either.

  • Tomas Eriksson

    The video can vary in Flash as much as HTML5 vary on different devices. But Youtube have choosen Flash as the main choice (there is a blog post why they don’t switch to HTML5). People also forget that Flash is not only about video, its a complete mature multimedia that is a mess in HTML5.

  • Eric

    But wait, this is still somehow Apple’s fault right?

  • gerenm63

    I compared a bunch of Flash stuff last night, spending about an hour on side-by-side testing. I ran the same sites on both a White MacBook that had been updated to Lion, and an identically configured White MacBook that had not yet been updated. There was only subtle difference in processor load that I could detect, and very little CPU temperature difference. Not sure what the big deal is. Please enlighten me.

  • 300AShareMakesMeSmile

    Adobe is made up from a bunch of lying meatsacks so worried about Flash being replaced with HTML5.  HTML5 might not be as versatile as the mature Flash plug-in used for desktop devices, but I still don’t see why HTML5 can’t be targeted for mobile devices if using it requires less processing power than a Flash-based equivalent.

  • TheRealLinx

    And how long was the GM Seed out for testing!!!

  • johanna_M

    “Complete” = messes up and hawks processing power not ONLY when watching Youtube…
    “Mature” = been working like crap for a long time…”Multimedia” = is equaly bad with sound, animations, films and text…

  • Hampus

    Well their first and incorrect statement was based on a pre-releas of Lion where hardware acceleration was actually disabled so they obviously do have the earlier version for testing.

    Doesn’t change the fact that these issues are there and not solved before the release of Lion though, now we even know they in fact did have pre-release version to test on.

  • TylerHoj

    This is such an overreaction of Flash’s behalf. All of my flash based programs including the plug-in FOR adobe’s flash haven’t given me any problems at all after my update to Lion. Way to be the drama queen in the room, stupid Adobe. 

  • Kuped

    Once again Adobe proves themselves to be incapable stewards of their own products.  I guess  years of sustained, mediocre-to-poor software releases has led to a blame-shifting culture at Adobe.

  • Dilbert A

    Typical Adobe.    *sigh*

  • Dilbert A

    No one has forgotten.

    See johanna_M’s comment above.

  • Hoser Man

    Adobe has had as much time as any other company to perfect their crappy software to work on Apple. They cry all the time that they don’t get a fair shake at Cupertino. Why is everyone else video players not having a problem? Get Java and Flash off my computer.

  • ??????? ????????

    thanx, but there is a great flash player for mac i prefer to use…, i’d recommend it!)