The New Lion Gestures Apple Doesn’t Tell You About [Humor]



Apple’s new OS X Lion operating system has been available for just under two days now, and continues to bathe in a multitude of positive reviews. However, not all of its one million new users are enjoying their new purchase, and have discovered a number of new gestures that the majority of us may never stumble upon.

Here are a few Lion gestures that Apple doesn’t tell you about…

Have you discovered any of these new Lion gestures uncovered by The Joy of Tech? What kind of problems are you having?

Personally, I do feel like a ‘Lion Tamer’ when I look in the mirror, but I’m yet to experience the others.

[via The Next Web]

  • Jody Buchan

    The creater of this has VERY poor grammer skills. “Should of” !?!? I think he meant “Should HAVE”

  • Harvey Jones

    People in glass houses and all that. Your spelling is atrocious. It is grammar not grammer.

  • Lynn Norris

    I got the “My mac is to old for AirDrop…” cause I have an early 2008 MacBook…. Damn…

  • aramishero

    Macbook 2008? U should upgrade… This is your problem…

  • aramishero

    I’ve no problem at all with my upgrade Mac OS X Lion. It run smooth and very easy to install. The gesture and other feature are great especially Swipe Desktop… this look more clean and easy to manage all the application with different desktop. I don’t see any problem. This problem only for those no money to buy gadget and purchase Mac OS X Lion. absolutely SUX with this nonsense misleading Sh*t!

  • Soho22

    “Should of”? Seriously? The whole thing is pretty stupid. Yeah, the natural response to natural scrolling is “fuck you”. Haha so funny. And so openminded. Doesn’t seem like a cursing hillbilly who hates everything he doesn’t know at all.
    Its especially lame and lazy because these gestures and multitouch gestures have in common is it being “gestures”. If I do a swipe right, my desktop changes. If I flip the middle finger to my computer, nothing happens, I just look like an idiot.

  • KillianBell

    You’re aware that it’s just a bit of light-hearted humor?

  • Brian

    Lighten up man

  • Michael Snape

    Don’t worry man! I still got a 2006 17″ iMac with a Core 2 Duo. The last Mac to support Lion. I got it, and still love it. AirDrop or not.

  • Mike Pisino

    The only thing that is driving me nuts is the dumbing down of expose’.  I used expose’ so many times a day that it was the #1 reason I could never go back to windows, now I have mission control, which is like expose’ but just doesn’t do it as quickly or elegantly.  I really hope Apple might be nice enough to give it back as a gesture option in an update.

  • Soho22

    I just don’t enjoy poor simple humor.

  • unusedcrayon

    I was like the “OMG! Full screen unix terminal” guy. I like my terminal.

  • True Patriot

    I upgraded my 2007 Macbook Black with no issues. you do need Snow Leopard and Mac App Store to download it. 

  • MacGoo

    ROFL. Irony abounds. I find myself lamenting the lack of a +1 button. You deserve one.

  • Lar Duffy

    I don’t see a gesture for someone with a Core 2 Duo MacBookPro on which neither multitouch nor Airdrop work. Pity. I like the rest of it, but I thought I had a multi-touch pad on mine.

  • Brian Moore


    D’oh double post… number 7 Lion gestures for me…

  • Brian Moore


  • charlie edwards

    Liked it, un-liked it so I could like it again.  Should of thought before speaking.

  • Mbody Spirit

    Hilarious! But I’m a stickler for spelling and grammar.

  • Mbody Spirit

    I’m afraid you do too…. grammer is grammar…

  • Mike Curtis

    Down Loaded Lion this last weekend. No trouble. Love the new speed and features.