Amazing! Apple’s Cash On Hand Is More Than The GDP Of Almost 2/3rds Of The World’s Countries



Well, here’s an interesting little factoid: with $76.2 billion in the bank in cash as of the June quarter, Apple now has more money than the gross domestic product of almost two-thirds of the world’s countries… and more than the GDP of the world’s fiftiest poorest countries combined.

However, don’t put too much stock in those numbers. For one, Apple’s numbers for 2011 are being compared to the GDPs of countries from way back in 2009. For another as MacObserver notes, GDP isn’t really equatable to cash on hand: a company’s annual revenues is a better comparison.

Even using annual revenues as a metric, though, Apple’s 2011 earnings would only cause it to drop to the world’s 135th wealthiest country. Unbelievable. Thanks to Mac Observer for the awesome info!

[via, charts MacObserver]

  • Iphoneication

    apple is gonna branch out and become its own soviern nation,,lol,, cute a piece of cuptertino lol 


    Shows that the men (and women) at the top know how to handle cash and not lose it! Who would imagine during a global recession a company could grow so fast! A great company and one I very much enjoy working with!

  • FenTiger

    Sadly that probably says more about the sad state of most of the world than it does about Apple. Does Steve fancy a career change to be president of Burkina Faso?

  • azurehi

    Clearly, it is Time for Re-distribution of wealth!

  • BitterInBoston

    Wow, you’d think they could afford to pay their retail employees, who help them turn those amazing profits, a living wage….

  • Anar D. D.

    Well, then Apple could build own nice factories & leave the Chinese sweat shops.

  • Van Saharya

    This is honestly amazing, can you believe at one point Apple was at the verge of bankruptcy, now to this? Apple for the future ftw.