Report: OS X Lion and Sandy Bridge MacBook Airs To Land On Wednesday At 8:30AM ET



OS X Lion didn’t drop last week as expected, but Apple promised it this month and it’s now a whole new week. So could OS X Lion drop on Wednesday, along with new MacBook Airs?

That’s what no less venerable a source than AppleInsider is claiming.

Apple as early as Wednesday will launch two highly anticipated products: Mac OS X 10.7 Lion and new Thunderbolt-equipped MacBook Airs, AppleInsider has learned.

According to people with proven track records who would be in a position to know, the new product launches are set to occur later this week. Specifically, one person said the products would be released on Wednesday at 8:30 a.m. Eastern.

The latest details align with what AppleInsider was told earlier this month, when it reported that new MacBook Air models with backlit keyboards and Thunderbolt ports would launch the week of July 21.

It makes sense in a way: Apple might not want to distract from their quarterly earnings call on Tuesday by releasing Lion and new MacBook Airs before then. And AppleInsider has a pretty solid track record with these announcements. Plus, there’s the whole issue of time: one of these days, one of these rumored Lion release dates has to be true.

  • @rtigz

    This makes the most sense yet with regards to waiting until after their earnings report.  After yet another record quarter is announced, Apple gets to have a “but wait, there’s more” moment the following morning.

  • Zoe_RILLA

    seems far too specific to be true… but, as you said, sooner or later one of these rumors has to be true

  • Michael Toye

    Can someone explain how Apple will manage several hundred thousand downloads of Lion at the same time?

  • jayjaytee

    Oh goody, get the masses riled up for another rumor-transformed-into-fact so they can bitch and moan all over Twitter when it doesn’t come true.

  • Matthew Daly

    I am going to bet no refresh on the macbook air. 

  • Spike

    I love the “it makes sense.”  Don’t most if not all of these rumors make sense and simply tell us what we want to hear or confirm that we have to wait longer.

  • Mike U

    Well I hope one of these rumors are true, I am using up all my Vacation days in anticipation release of Lion date. 

  • Matthew Sprygada

    Actually this does not make sense. If Lion is just released and they wanted to put Lion on the new MBA’s, they would have to put Lion on the MBA’s in China before they are put in the retail boxes and then be shipped by boat to the US. Shipping to the US from China and get thru customs will take more than a few days….that could easily be a month.

    Unless they plan on shipping the MBA’s with Snow Leopard and then the users put Lion on them right after they open the new MBA’s?

  • Soho22

    I assume that giant datacenter isn’t to play Crysis in the office. Since iCloud isn’t launched yet, they might as well use their servers.

  • Soho22

    Since they said Lion will launch this month they must know how to do it. Otherwise it would be already too late according to your logic. (“could easily be a month”. That would make it next month already)

  • heeloliver

    that would be nice, but what I really hope for is having the option to go to a apple store to buy it. it seems like a stupid deal having to buy snow leopard before lion.

  • Elliot George

    North Carolina. Data Centre. 
    Piles of cash, and Apple’s determination to offer the best customer service for the best products. I’m sure they’ve thought electronic distribution down to the pixel.

  • appledrunk

    I think this week it is for sure! Might get myself one of those Airs if the performance improvement is great enough.

  • TylerHoj

    I predict that Lion will drop in July on either the 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30 or the 31st. …”it makes sense.” 

  • TylerHoj

    Take August 1st off work…then you’ll know Lions out and your day off wont be in vain. 

  • Gordon_Keenan

    Don’t be silly…. it will arrive on a day ending with the letter .. “Y” now that DOES make sense! LOL!

  • Gordon_Keenan

    While waiting for another rumour to come and go, here is something to keep you focussed on Lion.

  • Junaidkureshi

    Comeon man im your regular reader, your last prediction was wrong, and now again you are on this, Apple said July and lion will eventually launch by 31 jul, why dont we leave it and talk something else like samsung copycat, i hate that company. They are so becomming idea thieves.

  • Matthew Carrasco

    Incidentally, this is the first release date that AI has certified to be true. Hurry up Apple! I’ve been waiting since I got my first iMac in May.

  • Rory Blanks

    well, i went with my mom yesterday to buy a new iMac and when I mentioned something about lion, i accidentally said it would be hitting in the next two days instead of the next two weeks, and the apple guy helping us gave me the oddest look and got really shifty and outright asked, “how did you find out about that” so i’m going to guess wednesday is very, very possible

  • CharliK

    IF they are planning to have Lion on any machines at time of purchase they would have it put on the machines that are due to hit the stores on or after the day of the software launch regardless of the type. They have records of what OS version went on what serial so the customer can go to some website, enter in their receipt which cross references the serial entered during the sale and if it matches a ‘snow leopard’ machine then you are sent a redemption code. Easy as pie. 

    That said, yes there is an overnight tonight. Yes there were drive boxes and banners received at the stores and the staffing hours and mandate to be finished by 8am no matter what is consistent with a re-imaging of all the demo machines. Right now the only real reason to do that is for Lion. So that is likely what is happening tomorrow. 

    That said, Apple doesn’t send new hardware ahead of a launch unless the date was already given (ie the iphone, ipad). So IF they release new hardware tomorrow it will be ‘shipping today’ and arrive in the stores over the course of Wednesday to Saturday and turn up on the floors over the same period as the staff can get it out. Keeping in mind that they are doing their whole summer camp thing this week so nothing is going to happen before lunch time when the kiddies are all gone

  • CharliK

    Easy. Put a counter in the system and when someone reaches the limit + 1 they get an error and are told to try again in a little while. Same as anything else. 

  • CharliK

    That is how they typically do it. The catch this time is the hardware issue. We have no real proof they are going to update anything. Much less at this time. That said I do think at least the Mac Pros will get thunderbolt. Likely the Mini’s also. It’s the Air that I won’t bet the house on. At least not an update just for that.