Spotify’s Launched In The US, Here’s How To Sign Up Without An Invite!


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After years of what has seemed like endless haranguing with the record labels, Spotify has launched in the United States. It’s invite only for now, but there’s a way to jump to the head of the queue and start using Spotify today, no invite required!

How? While Spotify’s invite page puts most prominence on signing up for an invite, if you’re willing to subscribe site unseen, you can get started on Spotify within minutes.

It’s easy. Just sign up for Spotify Premium or Unlimited, which costs $4.99 or $9.99 per month respectively.

So got 5 bucks to spare? That’s enough to get into the invite early, and if you don’t like it, you can always cancel and go back to Spotify’s free service. If you want to test out Spotify’s excellent iOS app, though, be warned: you’ll need to commit to $10 a month.

Is it worth it? If you’re already using a similar service like Rdio, it’s hard to say. The native apps are light years better, but they both largely have the same libraries. If you’ve been reading about Spotify for years, though, we think it’s probably worth $5 to finally see what Europeans have been raving about.

  • Antonio Bustamante

    I’ve been a subscriber for more than a year, and I was tester back in the early beta. Having tried similar services like Rdio or Pandora, my opinion is that Spotify is a little more mature, much more polished product. It’s definitely worth trying it. In Spain we are now waiting for Netflix, in 2012! Woohoo! =)

  • brownlee

    Rdio got me through a nine month rough patch without Spotify (I lived in Europe previously, where I got spoiled), but I agree: Spotify;s just WAY more polished, even if their music licenses in the States aren’t quite as mature.

  • DrM47145

    Yep, good luck with Netflix… those MFs have just ripped of millions of users in the US by doubling their prices. They say, it’s either this, or you’re welcome to leave… 
    41% of the people who have left comments on their blogs said they will cancel the service as soon as prices go up. Existing loyal customers should not be manipulated in such way.They will be launching in many more countries shortly, and they just want it all…

  • brownlee

    That’s a very one-dimensional look at the situation. What Netflix is instead trying to do is raise capital to secure a much better streaming video library than the one they’ve currently got. You want to blame someone, blame Hollywood, who has resisted streaming video services by kicking and screaming. It takes a boatload of cash to convince them otherwise: it costs Netflix $100,000 for the rights to a single episode of television.

  • DrM47145

    No doubts Hollywood is to be blamed in the first place, a whole generation of old time executives is willing to die before agreeing to play by different rules. But still, it is not fair to further milk your existing customers (which are the ones that put you up there where you are) in order to finance your profitable expansion. And if you are really forced to raise your fees, you should make it in modest increments.

  • Dustin Leer

    You can also get a free invite by signing up for Klout. They are running a special.

  • Johan Kuijt

    Started using Spotify from the beginning. First using an UK account, later when it got introduced in The Netherlands a bought myself an unlimited account. Never even looked at iTunes again. My cd collection moved to the attic and I never looked back.

  • aaron__b

    They must be getting more traffic than they expected because the website has been up and down for the last 30 minutes

  • Jordan Clay

    You could do this……or you could go to the Chevy Sonic Facebook page and get 6 months free.  

    This is one of the biggest things to music in America since iTunes, everybody wants to get on board.

  • Walter Gonzalez

    i signed up for klout but i dont see any links for a free spotify account… :(

  • appledrunk

    Actually, you really can sign up and use it without an invite. And in any country! I’m currently streaming from Canada using a UK account and it’s working stellar. And this is without a VPN. Pretty impressed with this service so far. Check out this guide I made:

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