Widget Lets You Attach Any DSLR Lens To Your iPhone



No, it’s not a fake. This is the latest scoop from Photojojo – a kit that lets you attach any DSLR lens to your iPhone.

The kit comes in Canon and Nikon flavors, each priced at $190. It comprises a wrap-around case for your iPhone, which includes a built-in UV filter, then an adapter doohickey that attaches to that. At the far end of the doohickey you’ll find your lens mount.

On to the lens mount, of course, you can attach anything that you normally attach to your DSLR. Your favorite nifty fifty, or that so-expensive-it’s-painful f/4 600mm supertelephoto.

Because who needs a professional DSLR camera anyway, right? You bought those lenses wishing you could instantly share the images on Instagram and Facebook, didn’t you? Didn’t you?

In all seriousness, the photo geek in me would love to play with one of these, but wouldn’t want to spend money buying one. What do you think? Worth every penny, or an expensive toy?

37 responses to “Widget Lets You Attach Any DSLR Lens To Your iPhone”

  1. Chris says:

    can you mount the iPhone on a tripod with this case? otherwise it’s useless

  2. minimalist1969 says:

    The reason DSLR’s take such good pictures is the superior glass and sensors they have.  With this ridiculous contraption, you are still stuck funneling it all through the iPhone lens and onto the itty bitty iPhone sensor.  Its as pointless as mounting fancy rims on a civic.

    For half the price you could buy an Eye-Fi X2 card that would sync your DSLR photos wirelessly to your iPad or iPhone and then you really could share ]those images on Instagram and Facebook without sacrificing any quality.

  3. Jiji Nakabayashi says:

    Like putting the trunk of an elephant on a chihuahua. Even if it worked perfectly it is so ungainly as to be more trouble than simply using a DSLR.

  4. Joshua Stockwell says:

    Seems like overkill. A telephoto add-on or wide angle add-on seems like all one would really need to make the camera a bit more flexible.

  5. CaptainSmokeblower says:

    I’ll wait until they make one for the iPad2

  6. Don Christoph says:

    well, i guess due to weight problems you would better need to mount the lens to a tripod. i dont think that this connector could take the weight of the lens in most of the cases.

  7. Jeffrey-the Barak says:

    Good idea but it will be funny to see someone in the middle of shooting try to take an unexpected phone call with a long 4 pound telephoto lens stuck on the back of their phone.

  8. justin says:

    Hahaahhahaah very funny…lolz

  9. Figurative says:

    Wanna take bets on this doodad being able to fit on the new iPhone 4S with the 8MP camera?

  10. Dreamgrifter Films says:

    You’ve obviously never spent time in Los Angeles.  Fancy rims on a civic are the standard in East LA.

  11. Dreamgrifter Films says:

    Why does everyone assume that the user will hold the iPhone versus the lens?  Anyone who has shot an SLR/DSLR knows that the lens requires support, so why not hold the lens with this setup?

    Also, bigger lenses tend to have their own pod mounts.

    Of course, all of this is moot as the point of the device is lost on me.  Seems a bit useless and overkill.

  12. Matt Q. Spangler says:

    price already changed to $249

  13. Bob Forsberg says:

    Yes. An expensive toy worth every penny. Got one.

  14. minimalist1969 says:

    Oh I know.   But those rims don’t improve the performance of that civic which is the same thing that can be said about this contraption.  If you have a DSLR chances are you know why their pictures are superior to even the best smartphone or point and shoot.  So the question is where is the market for this thing?  DSLR owners who were given their equipment and don’t know anything about it?

  15. Lauren Anderson says:

    Probalby should wait for the camera in the iPad to be upgraded first.  LOL

  16. technologian says:

    Images are upside down everytime you take photos. That’s odd.

  17. Ivonne Spinoza says:

    That looks uncomfortable.

  18. kelly cubero says:

    why bother attaching your iphone to a lens. you can afford buying an iphone and lens so why not buy a real DSLR. 

  19. Newtonz Vill says:

    from where i can buy?