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Widget Lets You Attach Any DSLR Lens To Your iPhone



No, it’s not a fake. This is the latest scoop from Photojojo – a kit that lets you attach any DSLR lens to your iPhone.

The kit comes in Canon and Nikon flavors, each priced at $190. It comprises a wrap-around case for your iPhone, which includes a built-in UV filter, then an adapter doohickey that attaches to that. At the far end of the doohickey you’ll find your lens mount.

On to the lens mount, of course, you can attach anything that you normally attach to your DSLR. Your favorite nifty fifty, or that so-expensive-it’s-painful f/4 600mm supertelephoto.

Because who needs a professional DSLR camera anyway, right? You bought those lenses wishing you could instantly share the images on Instagram and Facebook, didn’t you? Didn’t you?

In all seriousness, the photo geek in me would love to play with one of these, but wouldn’t want to spend money buying one. What do you think? Worth every penny, or an expensive toy?