AT&T to Add iPhone to Standard Insurance Plan from July 17



Later this month AT&T will finally do away with dedicated iPhone insurance plans and introduce the device to its standard mobile insurance plan at $4.99 a month.

From July 17, all iPhone models will be eligible for the standard mobile insurance program, which covers the device against loss, theft, accidental physical or liquid damage and mechanical and/or electrical failure:

Please Note: AT&T Mobile Insurance Update: Effective July 17, 2011, the Apple iPhone (all models) will be eligible for coverage with the AT&T Mobile Insurance program (formerly Wireless Phone Insurance). Enrollment restrictions apply. Customers can only enroll within 30 days of a new activation or upgrade, prior activations or upgrades outside of 30 days are not eligible.

The standard plan costs $4.99 per month, plus a $50 or $125 charge when you make a claim, depending on which iPhone model you have.

As noted by MacRumors, AT&T has long treated the iPhone differently than other devices on the network with regards to insurance. The company didn’t offer any insurance for the first-generation iPhone, but did introduce a special plan in 2010 at $11.99 a month — nearly twice as much as third-party options.

  • theoPhobia

    about time.

  • Iphoneication

    i think the insurance will still lend itself to a secondary screen replacement market,, i mean i would not pay 125 to have a screen replaced… even 50 at this point for a refurb phone,, i think still if you have a cracked screen,, or some hardware issue better off getting it repaired, this way you keep your phone,, no second hand phones and you save yourself money,, just my thoughts

  • eikonklast

    AT&T = $119.76 for 2 years; $50 to $125 deductible

    SquareTrade = $99 for 2 years; $0 to $50 deductible

  • MLE

    there is a replacement screen market

  • CharliK

    So it’s not ALL iphones at all. You might want to correct that. It’s basically new iphones. 

    Also, unless it is caused by the accidental damage, failure is what your apple warranty/apple care is all about. Why would you pay $5 a month for the right to pay $125 (cause you know on that new iphone 4 that’s probably the charge) on a replacement. that could put you well over the $199 that Apple will charge you for an out of warranty replacement

    Plus for some folks your credit card might actually cover it. I know certain Amex cards do. Investigate before you pay up. 

  • KillianBell

    No, it says “all iPhone models.” That means the iPhone 3GS and the iPhone 4.

  • CharliK

    front screen replacement for the 3gs is very easy. For the 4 not really because all the components are secured to the front. That’s why when you replace a broken screen at Apple they give you a whole new phone. Less risky in regards to someone not connecting something right. 

    Then again I walked in with an iphone 4 that had one little crack on it cause I dropped it maybe 5 feet and it hit just right. I was totally honest about it and just wanted to get one of those $200 replacements. The guy went in the back to get it and when he came back he said that he took a look at my history and given that I had never had even a paid replacement for dropping a phone he could tell that I was generally a careful guy and this was a fluke and the manager said that “this one is on us”. Mind you he did point out like 5 times that this was an exception and would never happen again blah blah. but that’s just them doing their jobs so I didn’t mind. We all gotta do what we gotta do sometimes

  • CharliK

    Excuse my lack of clarity. It’s newly purchased iphones. Which is not ALL iphones. 

    From your own quote:

    “Customers can only enroll within 30 days of a new activation or upgrade, prior activations or upgrades outside of 30 days are not eligible.”