RIM Working On An Apple TV Rival Packed With PlayBook Hardware



Rather than focusing its efforts on its diminishing smartphone business, it seems RIM may be planning to launch a device that will rival the Apple TV, packed with PlayBook hardware.

According to a reliable source for BlackBerry fan site NFBB.com, RIM is working on a device nicknamed the BlackBerry Media Box, which is said to fuse the BlackBerry Presenter with a media hub similar to the Apple TV. It is said to be powered by mobile hardware — likely the processor and QNX-based OS featured in the BlackBerry PlayBook.

The source has made it clear, however, that unlike the Apple TV, the BlackBerry Media Box would likely be less consumer focused, although it is likely to offer some third-party media sources.

The device is expected to be ready for shipping as early as the end of this year and will be aimed at business users that may show presentations and videos on larger screens. Although an AirPlay-like streaming feature isn’t expected to accompany the device, Electronista suggests the device could utilise Wi-Fi file sharing, which is already supported in the BlackBerry OS.

NFBB.com does say that this rumor should be taken “with a grain of salt” as they gather more information, however, they also stress the reliability of their source, who has previously leaked both the BlackBerry PlayBook and the BlackBerry Presenter in advance of their official unveilings.