Pioneer AppRadio Car Audio Deck Ships Today With a Surprise Price Drop and New Features



Back in May when we reported excitedly from the launch presser for Pioneer’s new AppRadio car audio deck, we were told it’d hit store shelves by late June, and cost in the vicinity of $500. Well, it’s arrived, and Pioneer has added a few features to the free AppRadio app. Oh, and they’ve lopped $100 off the price — it’s now $399. Aren’t surprises great?

For those out of the loop, the device basically removed the necessity for fiddling with the iPhone while driving by docking with your iPhone and shunting controls for basic features — GPS, Pandora, iPod functions, etc. — to the device’s touchscreen, or your car’s steering wheel-mounted controls (if available). Take a look at clip above and it’ll give you a broad idea. It’ll probably also give you some insight into what a day in the life of a Cult of Mac contributor is like (minus the fancy car, teeth brushing or girlfriend).

Here’re details on the added app functions from today’s press release:

The latest update to Pioneer’s AppRadio app now adds access to the iPhone’s Contacts, Calendar and Photos apps.  Contacts provides direct access to stored contact information for hands-free calling via Bluetooth, routing via Google Maps, and enables users to quickly send their current locations via e-mail.  With the vehicle parked and the parking brake fully engaged, Calendar displays stored calendar and events information and Photos provides on-screen viewing of the user’s photos, slide shows, geotagged photos and videos taken with an iPhone 4.



  • Brandon Sandberg

    can you dual screen real racing hd 2 on it? :D

  • Emlyn Murphy

    Yo dawg, I heard to like driving?

  • Mike Rathjen

    So if my passenger wants to look at stuff, I have to first find a place to park and have “the parking brake fully engaged”.

  • Stephen

    Not really. Although its not “legal” per-say, your supposed to wire a “safety” cable to the e-brake that tells the unit when its engaged to allow use. If that cable, say, isn’t correctly attached…

  • Brian Nesbitt

    dumbest video from a corporation ever.  

  • Lasantha Suriarachi

    and this isn’t the dumbest video from a corporation ever?