Apple’s New Time Capsules Are Here!



This morning, the Apple Store briefly went down, and when it came back up, we had new Time Capsules, coming in two and three terabyte capacities starting at just $299.

No new features, alas, which means that a number of rumors about Apple’s new routers failed to pan out. They’re the same models as before, and don’t run on iOS, contain an A5 CPU or cache updates, which — let’s face it — never made much sense anyway.

As for our prediction that Apple’s new Time Capsules would allow you to stream your local media over the Internet to your iOS Devices, well… doesn’t look like that’s happening this generation. That’s too bad: iCloud doesn’t support streaming at all, and this would have been a smart way to wedge that feature in there.

  • huyett

    Hope they work better than the last generation.

    My 1TB TC kicks everyone off of my home network and rejects the password calling it invalid.  I have to reset the system for it to recognize the password about once a day.  What a pain in the ass.

    At least it hasn’t just lost power like the first generation…

  • m_hardwick

    THANK GOD – I literally just bought a 1TB Time Machine, like a few hours before the last AirPort Util was released and this was discovered!

  • Bradyk123

    When do these start selling? They aren’t in the online Apple Store yet.

  • John Neumann

    Most likely Steve reads this site every few hours and whatever product rumor he sees reported, he yanks out of upcoming models just to maintain the secrecy bubble. 

  • Chuck

    Funny, just went onto the Apple Store and the only ones showing is the 1TB and 2 TB, no 3..

  • Anon Developer

    Disappointing. I wanted something without the duplicating router (i have a modem – router from ISP). It would lower the cost too.

  • Mystakill

    I keep my routers and storage separate; two bridged dual-band N routers cover my entire house from basement to attic, and a NAS device provides 6TB (of 8TB) for Time Machine, media streaming, and general storage.  I can replace or update either component without affecting the other.

  • Joshua Stockwell

    Sounds defective. I have a refurbished, 2nd gen time capsule and have next to no problems. Every once in a while it hangs, but I think this is a problem with losing communication with FiOS. A reset handles the problem. 

  • aga

    Get a Synology NAS, makes this look like the crap it really is!

  • nak

    These things have always been way over priced, but with the 2TB model you pay $150 per TB and with the 3TB you’re paying $166. Maybe it’s a sucker test, anyone buying the 3TB model is going to get a lot more marketing from Apple.