Get iOS 5 Features Today Without The Developer Beta [Video How-To]


  • Craig List

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  • iOS Developer

    this is so stupid. “without bending the rules”.. jailbreaking is ‘breaking the rules’. i am a developer, and ios5 isn’t unstable.

  • Michael Steeber

    Well, jailbreaking is perfectly legal, so I wouldn’t really consider it bending the rules. iOS is fine for some, but when I tried it, it crashed every few minutes. 

  • nthnm

    What do you mean by not wanting to bend the rules? As in get a developer copy of iOS 5 on your device even though you aren’t a dev? I don’t think that’s illegal either but I’m sure Apple views it as breaking the rules just as they do jailbreaking.

  • Greg

    this website has taken such a dramatic turn away from legitimate news in the last two years that it isn’t even worth reading anymore.  I used to log on to this site every single day, eager to catch a bit of solid, newsworthy, fact checked, (albeit sometime gossip) new, and now it’s a bunch of 21 year old fanboy nerd spludge, that should be aired on BRAVO or ENews with the other Paris Hilton Garbage. really should check its archives and look into its new “writers.”  Maybe hire someone older than my lightbulb? 


  • sarah alexus

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  • rockinrors

    Why so many jailbreak guides ALL THE TIME.  If this really was a mac cult, you’d legitimately use the apple products.

  • George

    derp, I bought it, I can use it however I want. I can EAT my iPhone and it would be legit because I PAID for it. It has been ruled by law that its legal so don’t start this crap again.

  • CharliK

    Agreed, between these inane videos, the hit fodder gossip etc, this site has turned into a total cesspool.

  • CharliK

    Agreed, between these inane videos, the hit fodder gossip etc, this site has turned into a total cesspool.

  • Avery

    Did iOS 5 crash whilst using an iPhone 4?

  • Clyde Cash

    meh. think i’d just rather wait for iOS 5 to come out….

  • Gheedsgreed

    Today’s top stories, Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, and the latest iOS jailbreaks….. wait what?

    tech cult => fanboy nerd spludge, duh

  • rockinrors

    Yeah, you can do what you like with it, but it doesn’t mean its right.

  • appledrunk

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  • Nornimus Nornimus

    I just found an easier way to get iOS 5 with no Jailbreaking. If you are a beta tester of any app, you can get it for free. I just joined the beta tester team for the iTim text app ( ). I love iOS 5 plus the iTim Text App (actually lets you text MMS – video, audio, animations, etc  and receive from all phones). I can’t believe I missed this app. Anyhow, just though I would share.

  • Apple Hardcore

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