Plants vs. Zombie for iPhone Gets Zen Garden & New Mini-Games



As the resident dead head of Cult of Mac, I’ve always been a little disappointed with Pop Cap’s Plants vs. Zombies for the iPhone and iPod Touch ($2.99). It’s a great game, but limited compared to the Mac and iPad versions.

Great news, though! Pop Cap has just updated Plants vs. Zombies and not only it it getting some of the features it was previously missing over its brother ports, but it even is getting a feature that Plants vs. Zombies HD doesn’t have… at least for now.

Here’s what is new in the 1.6 version of the application:

Zen Garden – Collect and grow your own collection of plants. Water them every day and they’ll reward you with a bounty of coins to spend in Crazy Dave’s shop.

You’ll be able to get the mushroom garden and underwater garden, too!
Minigames – Crazy Dave’s shop is expanding and will have some brand-new minigames to offer. Will you start with Zombiquarium or Zombotany? How about It’s Raining Seeds?

Achievements – Oh, you know that with new content come new achievements to unlock. Of course, these new achievements are tied into Game Center so you can show them off to your friends.

Even better, Pop Cap says the Retina Display update will be dropping very soon.

It’s awesome to see the Zen Garden show up on the iPhone and iPod Touch: it’s one of the features I’ve missed most from the iOS versions, and I hope they bring it to the iPad 2 soon.

  • WVMikeP

    Would be nice if I hadn’t already bought all of Crazy Dave’s stuff.

    Neat regardless.

  • steven

    I’m so glad they released this update with “tons of features” yet it’s still been a YEAR since they promised a retina update for the iPhone 4.

    Also, be warned that the iPhone version of the update made the whole game incredibly sluggish.

    At first, I backed up the older version of PvZ intending to reinstall it. Then I thought better of it and just deleted it from my phone. Goodbye PopCap, I hope you actually get the retina display update out sometime before 2015.

  • fernando

    they need to make a new level where the plants attacking the zombies to get in the house.

  • Joe Almond

    Zen Garden is great, but if you’ve already beaten the game, it’s incredibly tedious to fill up the garden for the achievement. I’ve played the entire adventure mode 3 more times and still havent completed the garden, it just keeps giving me the same plants over and over and only occasionally a new one. Kind of boring after a while…

  • Cliff

    I so agree! I have played the entire game about 10 times and still do not have all the plants. Is the pot a plant? If so that’s all I am missing except the plant upgrades from crazy Daves store. It also sucks that they max you out just short of 1mil$!