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Cydia Comes To Android


On iOS, Cydia is the premier way to load unsigned apps onto your jailbroken iPhone or iPad… but since Android supports side-loading, it has no place on Google’s operating system, right?

Wrong, apparently. Today, the devs behind Cydia and Mobile Substrate have announced that Cydia is coming to Android. But it won’t be quite what you think.

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Killing iOS Apps Is Easy With Slide2Kill [Jailbreak]


Killing iOS apps — not just closing them, but killing them completely — is nowhere near as simple as it should be.

First you have to double-tap the home button to open the multitasking tray, then you have to tap and hold the app’s icon, and then you have to close it by tapping the tiny circle. That’s a pain if you have several apps you wish to kill at once.

But with a new tweak for jailbroken iOS devices called Slide2Kill, you can completely kill iOS apps with just a swipe.

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New Tweak Makes Yahoo’s New Weather App The Default On iPhone [Jailbreak]


Yahoo! launched its new Weather app for iPhone a few weeks ago, and it’s quite possibly one of the prettiest weather apps you’ll find in the App Store. It’s received a ton of praise for its design, which combines gorgeous Flickr photos with clean, minimalist graphics.

If you instantly made it your new weather app — just like we did — then you’ll be pleased to know you can know make it your default weather app on iPhone with a new jailbreak tweak called “YahooWeatherisBetter.”

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New Tweak Activates Google Now On iOS Wherever You Live [Jailbreak]


The Google Search app for iOS was updated earlier this week to bring Google Now to your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. but it seems that the service isn’t yet supported in all territories. As is often the case, however, the jailbreaking community has a solution.

GoogleNowEnabler is a new tweak that promises to activate Google Now on your iOS device no matter where you live.

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BiteSMS Gets Quick Compose Widget For Notification Center [Jailbreak]


Popular jailbreak tweak biteSMS just got a new update that introduces a quick compose widget to your iPhone’s Notification Center. The feature promises to be a simple and convenient way to send text messages in a pinch.

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Piano Passcode Won’t Unlock Your iPhone Until You Play It A Jaunty Tune [Jailbreak]


There are a number of tweaks for jailbroken iOS devices that add alternative security measures to your lock screen, but Piano Passcode is possibly one of the craziest. Rather than typing a code or drawing a pattern, you have to play it a tune on a set of virtual keys.

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Atom Is A Slick New Lockscreen Launchbar For Up To Six Apps [Jailbreak]


Earlier this week, we wrote about Grabby, a rad little Cydia tweak that let you extend the lockscreen camera launcher into a quickbar for up to five favorite apps.

Here’s a similar idea. Atom is an upcoming Cydia tweak that is set to be released this weekend which allows you to unlock your iPhone directly to up to six different apps, just by dragging the on-screen ‘locked’ icon to one of six positions.

Tweak Lets You Use Facebook Chat Heads System-Wide, Just Like On Android [Jailbreak]


Facebook brought its new Chat Heads feature to iPhone earlier this week, but it doesn’t offer quite the same experience as the Android version. The feature is designed to make your Facebook Messenger conversations easy to access from anywhere, but on iOS, it only works when you’re within the Facebook app — which kind of defeats its purpose.

But as is often the case, the jailbreaking community has a solution. A new tweak that allows you to use Chat Heads as Facebook originally intended on iPhone is coming soon to Cydia.

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Live Battery Indicator: The Best Way To View Battery Life On iPhone [Jailbreak]


I don’t know about you, but I find that displaying the battery percentage alongside the battery indicator in the iPhone’s status bar takes up too much room — particularly if you use tweaks that provide status bar symbols for outstanding notifications. I usually use Springtomize to remove the battery indicator altogether, leaving just the percentage.

But a new tweak called Live Battery Indicator gives you the best of both worlds — without taking up too much space.

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Quickly Launch Apps From Your iPhone’s Lock Screen With Grabby [Jailbreak]


Grabby, a new tweak from esteemed jailbreak developer Ryan Petrich, allows you to quickly launch your most frequently used apps from your iPhone’s lock screen by extending the functionality of the built-in camera slider. Find out more about how it works and where to download it below.

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