O2, HTC Initiative To Kill Off Bundled Phone Chargers Goes Well, 82% Don’t Miss Them



Back in September, British carrier O2 teamed up with HTC and started an initiative to reduce the number of unwanted smartphone chargers in the United Kingdom. The carrier estimated that around 70% of handset buyers already had a charger that would be compatible with their new device, and so it started selling certain HTC devices without them.

O2 is now reporting that the initiative has been a big success. 82% of customers didn’t need to purchase a charger with their smartphone, the company claims, which surpasses its initial expectations for the effort.

Lightning To Micro USB Adapters Now Available From Apple For $19




If you live in a house divided in the smartphone wars, where some members cling to their Androids while you relish the joy of your iPhone 5, you probably have a plethora of USB cables in your house that are completely useless to you. Apple now has a solution.

You can pick up a Lightning to Micro USB Adapter from Apple for $19 now. Use the adapter to connect an iPhone, iPad, or iPod with Lightning connector to a micro USB cable to sync and charge, or to a compatible micro USB charger to charge your device. The adapter is available online, or at your local Apple Store.

Lightning to 30 Pin Adapter Torn Down, Designed To Be Unhackable & Uncounterfeitable





The new Lightning to 30 Pin adapter has not won over many Apple fans. No one wants to pay $30 to be able to use their old iPhone accessories with the new iPhone 5, but it’s better than buying a new accessory altogether, right?

Double Helix Cables finally got their new dock adapter in the mail and naturally decided to tear it apart and find out what is inside. They found out that just like the new Lightning cables, Apple’s gone to some extra lengths to make the Lightning to 30 Pin Adapter unhackable and uncounterfeitable.

Pinky Fingers-On With The Nano SIM Adapter [Review]


This kit has almost every option covered.
This kit has almost every option covered.

Today the iPhone 5 goes on sale in The Rest Of The World, and it goes out into that world naked and empty, free of contracts and lock-ins. Yes, you can hook up with your favorite carrier and get a subsidized handset, but real men go commando.

And in this case, unless you have some forward-thinking telcos in your country, “going commando” means “cutting your own SIM.”

Which is why we’re taking a timely look at this natty Nano SIM adapter, which will let you put just about any SIM into any phone.

Save $20 On The iPhone 5 Lightning Adapter By Purchasing This Knockoff



Still kind of pissed off that you’re going to have to buy a $29 Lightning adapter so all your accessories can play nice with your iPhone 5? Apple’s not even going to include a free adapter with your iPhone 5, just so you’ll have to pay them more money for more adapters, or so you’ll just switch to AirPlay enabled accessories.

Whatever the reason, the price on Apple’s Lightning adapters is terrible, but thankfully the knock-offs have  arrived before the launch of the iPhone 5 and some of them will even save you $20 per adapter, so you can buy as many as you want for all your toys.