Leaked Images Seemingly Confirm New iPhone Dock Connector Will Only Have 8 Pins



Nowherelse.fr has scored another major parts scoop: they say this leaked image shows what the new, smaller Apple dock connector looks like. Counting the pins, it looks as if iMore’s scoop that the new dock connector would only be 8 pins, and not 19 pins as previously reported, may have panned out.

Very, very interesting if true: expect a number of third-party iPod and iPhone accessories to be made obsolete by this move, even with an adapter. It’s also interesting to note that the pins seen in this image resemble traditional USB pins more closely than the pins used in Apple’s 30-pin dock connector. You can see more images of the part in question at the link below.

This story is developing…

Source: Nowherelese.fr

  • Christian Montiel

    I don’t see why people are so worried about the number of pins, yes all the accesories will be obsolete, but all accesories become obsolete everytime we change our iphone (execept maybe from 3g to 3gs o 4 to 4s) I mean I change my case and docks, maybe the most complaint will be the sound systems, but hey! we have Airplay o Airport Express that can convert any sound system into an Airpley device, besides every music lover should have an iPod classic instead of an iPhone… just saying…

    Sorry for the bad grammar and ortography, english is not my natural language.

  • Gadget

    There are 8 pins but the large metal portion holding the 8 pins could be the magical 9th pin

  • Martin Dobson

    Anyone able to break out their Internet microscopes and spy out any sort of mag safe style functionality? That’s one thing on my wish list

  • Martin Dobson

    Also, could it be possible that its 8 pins per side with 1 being the shield? That would give the connector a very healthy 17 pins.

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