Secure your iPhone power port with a MagSafe connector [Deals]


CoM - Plugies Lightning
Charge your iPhone with this handy fast-charging magnetic clip

One of the most useful features on MacBooks are the MagSafe connectors. They keep the power cables magnetically in place, but break free to keep it from going down when you inevitably snag them. Plugies Magnetic Charging Cables let you add this convenient feature to your iPhone and Android devices. This adapter will change the way you charge, and right now you can get one for just $27.99 at Cult of Mac Deals.

Plugies Magnetic Charging Cables come in two parts. First, a nifty little adapter that lives in your phone’s charging port, so the MagSafe style connector on the included cable easily snaps on and off. Usually the Lightning cable anchors itself in your device. By adding a breakaway connection, your phone is protected from an unexpected bungee jump to the floor. The cable is pretty cool too, sheathed in tough braided nylon and protected with an anodized aluminum casing.

Buy now: Get a Plugies Magnetic Charging Cable for $27.99, that’s 30 percent off the usual price.

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  • DCJ001

    “One of the most useful features on MacBooks are the MagSafe connectors.”

    Do MacBooks have MagSafe connectors?


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  • Caleb Hightower

    Glad to see someone cared enough about MagSafe to bring it back.

  • Svender

    Has anyone tried these? Seems like a great idea.